Fabric 20 - John Digweed

I was thinking these days that being a dj is a pretty easy job and this thing can be learn in a few weeks, but slowly I realized I was wrong – and I can tell this to anyone who thinks as I was thinking. I won't give details, just saying that you need so many damn years to say you are a dj, not to mention the fact that others recognizing you as a dj. And a very good example here is John Digweed, a man who lives for music and dance music industry depends by him. With a fresh mix, "Fabric 20", Digweed succeeds this time too to bring to his fans a combination of styles, such as tech-house, house and minimal techno, deeply imposing his style. These 14 tracks featured on this compilation bring diverse beats and daring melodies, pretty strange but very interesting, so let's focus our attention on this unique material.

The opening is made by the track "Strive to Live" who belongs to Pete Moss, a sweet and melodic introduction who takes us in an abstract place, in a strange world where the harmony of the sounds is on the first place. We can enjoy a few vocals discretely arranged so that can give to the track a hypnotic effect and make it more appealing. A very sweeeet track is the third song on this compilation, a very calm tune, with many vocals and a simple, discrete and out of common melodic line. This is Repair and the track "Forgive & Forget (Richard Davis Mix)". This tune already makes me think about the all night long parties, the enthusiasm before a great party and the euphoria felt by any electronic music lover. Next is Dj Rasoul and the track "True Science", a kind of tech-house with many interesting and appealing elements of jazz. It's something that you can't find too easy, so enjoy!!! The Glass and the track "Wont Bother Me (20:20 Mix)" comes with a lively and kicking bass line, composing a pretty good tune for the club – unfortunately too less time is allowed to this tracks, because soon intervenes Billy Dalessandro with the track "In the Dark", a tech-house with some techno influences and at the end some short break beat drums. We deeply enter the electro atmosphere with "Venom", track produced by Bobby Peru. A series of strange, nonconformist and abstract sounds comes here, creating a hypnotic rhythm and a feeling of fear through the melodic line. Martin Solveig makes the mix much sweet with his "Rocking Music", a track with some more melody and profundity, changing the path at the end in a delicious tech-house. Another nice track on this mix comes from the Slam project, "Lie To Me (Freestyleman Thirsty Monk Dub)", some more rhythm and dynamism superposed on a simple and suggestive melody. The Australian trio, Infusion, bring "Better World", but under the shape of a remix coming from the master Josh Wink, one of those tracks which are perfect for clubs, so that the public can feel the real vibrations. The track has a few vocals which make it more energetic, adding up life and color. Superpitcher comes with a simple track with a deep and prominent bass line, "Happiness (Michael Mayer Mix)", coming into focus with a sweet and continuous melodic line which get lost at the end into the warm groove patterns of the track produce d by Joel Mull, making with his track the mix to shine. The last tune which ends this material is produced by Matrix & Danny J, "Vertigo (Goldtrix Mix)". The mix has a constant tension, with a few up and down parts, so that the listeners can feel the rhythm with any new vibe. This last track brings a deep an emotional melody, closing this session in a happy and optimistic way.
Am I wrong if I say that John Digweed changed his style lately? Many electro and tech-house influences are often remarked on his dj sets – at least this compilation proves this thing. Off course, "Fabric 20" is not a poor material, only that goes away a little from the old classic Digweed style. This is not a bad thing, because this new material improves the music industry with this unique mix.
01 - Pete Moss - Strive To Live (16b Mix) - Alola Records
02 - Adam Johnson - Traber - Merck/Narita
03 - Repair - Forgive + Forget (Richard Davis Remix) - Sub Static Records
04 - DJ Rasoul - True Science - DJ Rasoul
05 - The Glass - Won`t Bother Me (20:20 Mix) - Fine/Four Music
06 - Billy Dalessandro - In The Dark - Kompute Musik
07 - Bobby Peru - Venom - 20/20 Vision
08 - Martin Solveig - Rocking Music (Martin Solveig Dub) - Defected Records
09 - Slam - Lie To Me (FreestyleMan Thirsty Monk Dub) - Soma Records
10 - Angel Alanis - Knob Job - A Squared Muzik
11 - Infusion - Better World (Josh Wink Mix) - BMG
12 - Superpitcher - Happiness (Michael Mayer Mix) - Kompakt
13 - Joel Mull - Emico - Elp
14 - Matrix and Danny J - Vertigo (Goldtrix Remix) - Metro Recordings

Fabric 20 - John Digweed


Fabric Records




January 13 2005


February 13, 2005 at 1:14 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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