Beckers - Switch

Beckers is the German producer and dj Frank Beckers from Essen, a new talent on the dance music industry coming up with a new 12" released on Sprout Music. Beckers also produced for Kasey Taylor's label VapouRise, also for the new label of the Australian trio Infusion, Polaroid. Besides the original uplifting progressive, "Switch" also has a remix from Oliver Klein and Peter Jurgens.

"Original Mix" is a driving tune, with much rhythm and a fresh vibe which refreshes and makes us dance. After we enter the rhythm, the track comes with a river of vocals, besides a continuous and deep bass line, present until the end of the song, so that setting up a dynamic and kicking format. After we discover a few female vocals, the tune reenters the uplifting progressive house atmosphere, adding slowly new musical riffs proper to the rhythm, which can make us jump and feeling the beats which rouses strong emotions. Certainly a track which doesn't let you sit, doesn't let you breath, making the atmosphere veery hot!

The remix wants to be a tech-house with some melody, Oliver Klein and Peter Jurgens making a pretty good tune, bringing a delicate and acid rhythm, besides the background sounds which make the track abstract and unique, taking it closer to tech-house and minimal techno sphere. Most of the melodic line is kept in the original format, like the vocals as well, but on a low tempo, more peaceful but abstract and sweet. Alongside productions for Mutekki and Electribe, the two remixers succeed in making a pretty good job for Sprout Music too.

Looks like the new material from Beckers will bring him new good points on his musical career, the artist receiving nice feedback from djs such as Digweed, Pete Tong, Kasey Taylor etc.

Beckers - Switch


Sprout Music


SPT 009


January 31 2004


February 13, 2005 at 1:07 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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