Derek Howell - EP (Part Two)

Thesecond disc of Derek Howell's EPcontains the tracks "Happy To Be Sad" and "I Was Just Leaving", two tracks with much melody but some rhythm as well, tracks recommended not only for listening at home but also in the club. "Happy To Be Sad" starts simple, bringing on the first place the rhythm, on which background is created a melodic and repetitive bass line, absorbed by some long and prominent sounds which get remarked and found the basics of this track. I missed the breakdowns such as Derek Howell, long and melodic, creating a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

The flip side is a bit tough, energetic, but keeps a tone of melody, a series of atmospheric and hypnotic sounds which create the illusion of an opened, emotional and full of melody space. The featured melodic line takes the listeners far away, composing a meditative melody, complicated and diversified, created from a multitude of sounds and tonalities superposed so that creates a good mood at the listeners.

It is with no doubt a good disc, especially for listening at home, where sound is friendly with you and where you can understand it the best.

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Derek Howell - EP (Part Two)






January 10 2005


February 13, 2005 at 12:56 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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