Derek Howell - EP (Part One)

Hailing from Texas, Derek Howell has become at the beginning of 2005 an important name in the dance music industry, realizing in short time so many things, so that I only can tell about him he is an extraordinary guy and a very talented producer. His last release is an E.P. composed by four tracks, two discs, launched on Bedrock, a label with much influence on the dance music industry.

The first disc of this E.P. starts with the track "You Wanna Do What" a diversified tracks as style. After we discover the very deep and simple bass line, the track brings a long and complicated breakdown, adding on short parts some new sounds which compose in the same time a new melodic line, very profound and sweet. Step by step the sounds are loosing their intensity, flowing into the kick arrangement from the beginning.
"In One Hand" is another melodic track, with a deep bass line and many long and continuous sounds which are kept until the end, and some other short sounds appearing on short parts of the track. The rhythm is pretty driving here too, making the listeners to vibrate, but there's still the melodic line on the top which fully releases itself after we get out of a long and hypnotic breakdown. The melodic lines are launched one by one; one appears than other is entering, so that all these elements create a dense track, profound and full of significations.

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Derek Howell - EP (Part One)






January 10 2005


February 13, 2005 at 12:26 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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