Slacker - Best Boyfriend

    The talented producer Slacker hits the music industry with his latest 12" "Best Boyfriend", signed for his label Jukebox In The Sky Records. With four versions, the track "Best Boyfriend" improves for sure the image of the producer, because succeeds in gaining some qualities which are searched on this kind of music – originality, dynamism, innovation, the profundity of the melody adopted on an energetic style.

"Slacker\'s First Kiss" is the best version of this track, the most energetic and deep, perfect for clubs and dance. With many tech-house influences, Slacker's song get remarked with the help of its acid and rough bass line. A track with less melody, with a few sexy vocals and a driving rhythm. "Steiger OST Mix" leads the listeners in a melodic, peaceful and melancholic world, without a tough rhythm, only melody. A fascinating, awesome and hypnotic travel through the world of deep sound.

"The Scumfrog\'s Dubfriend" is the other version of the track recommended for clubs and dance, for parties and crowd. Scumfrog makes a pretty good remix, dynamic and alert, contouring an energetic rhythm and a somber and extremely simple melodic line. And finally, "Slacker\'s Hymn To Her" is the most peaceful and warm version of this disc, creating a dreamy atmosphere through its deep and unique melody. The sexy vocals are kept but the the dynamic effect is diminished at the maximum, taking the listeners into a paradisiacal world, emotional and full of melody.

A nice disc, "Best Boyfriend" is a material which can be recommended not only to djs and amateurs but also to the simple public, because succeeds with the help of the four versions to satisfy many tastes.

Slacker - Best Boyfriend


Jukebox in the Sky




December 6 2004


February 13, 2005 at 12:17 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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