Arcade Mode - Your Love

Released on Joia Records, the track produced by Arcade Mode wants to be an eccentric house tune with much rhythm and refined bass line. The track "Your Love" gets also a remix from the producer Sebastian Ingrosso.

"Original Mix" brings from the start a driving and tasteful rhythm, advancing in intensity in proportion as an harmonic bass line imposes. After a while, the track gets a break, being introduced new synths, a nice piano which forms a simple and suggestive melodic line. On the background, a bit hidden, we can recognize a peaceful and simple female vocal. The track doesn't introduce a complicated melodic line, passing this job to the remix for some much dynamism.

And so Sebastian Ingrosso remix takes the listener into an electro atmosphere where the rhythm is the leader, giving a huge bass line to the crowd. After a short introduction, the bass line powerfully imposes, composing therefore the main melodic line, on which background we can discover the female vocals which come to the fore. A kicking, interesting and melodic tune.

For house lovers, "Your Love" is a release which will enchant them, at least the remix which I have to be honest that is better built than the original. Check out for some new tunes from Joia Records.

Arcade Mode - Your Love


Joia Recordings




November 15 2004


January 10, 2005 at 9:04 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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