Chris Cowie - Stealth & LA Times

Techno lovers will quickly recognize Chris Cowie, a daring and talented techno music producer, who offers now a wonderful vinyl scheduled for release this month on F1 Recordings. His new "Stealth/LA Times" brings two tracks with a dement sound, violent and slanting and with a techno air of mature rhythm which imposes itself, elevating the listener's adrenaline and giving him true sensations and emotions.

The first track is called "Stealth", being composed from an accelerated rhythm, which flops around the song, bringing some other sounds too, in order to build a dens and complicated background. Typical for this musical genre, the melody is missing, being substituted with the vibration of those obscure and strange sounds, simple and suggestive. A pattern of techno grooves, a bass line, a few hi-hat arrangements and that's it! Let's go straight to the dance floor!

"LA Times" strikes back, bringing in focus another dement and unique rhythm, which just doesn't let you sit and look at the others dancing. This is techno music charm, always innovative, always accelerated, in a continuous run and density, with no breaks, no break downs, no melodic lines – just underground music!

You should keep this name in mind, because you can have big surprises coming from him – especially those techno frantic guys.

Chris Cowie - Stealth & LA Times


F2 Recordings




January 2005


January 10, 2005 at 8:55 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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