Elite Force - Peyote Road/White Lightning

The Kingsize label comes at the end of the last year with an exceptional package with two awesome tracks, perfect for dance floor, from an eccentric and ambitious producer, Elite Force. "Peyote Road/White Lightning" is his new release, very appreciated also not only by the public but also by the worldwide djs. Much electro air and some techno influences makes these two tracks to shine, "Peyote Road" standing out in relief with the pure quality synths and energetic beats.

The track that we find on the A side was featured also on James Zabiela 's "Alive" compilation; "Peyote Road" is a track which gets next very much to the electro and tech-house style, starting all at once with a nice hi-hats arrangement which are present on the entire length of the track. In a little while we discover a very powerful and imposing bass line which goes with a bang with the electro vocals featured on the background. A few ssynths give to the track an air of funky, joy and dynamism, making the listener to feel the vibration of the real electronic sound. After the half, the track takes a break, bringing a short breakdown with less melody and then starting suddenly with a new repetitive and continuous melodic line, which gradually gets lost on the background, keeping the corner to the bass line to close this interesting song.

If the first track offered us a quality electro, the flip side includes a dynamic and driving break beat, which starts with an alert rhythm, annexing afterwards an hypnotic and sinister bass line and after that a few grove patterns. The electro harmony appears here too, the sounds being changed at a certain moment. "White Lightning" is another perfect track for dance floor, for parties, since is builds that mad rhythm which succeeds to enchant us.

The new Elite Force's material is nothing more than pure electronic music for body and for soul, so enjoy this!

Elite Force - Peyote Road/White Lightning




KS 091


November 15 2004


January 10, 2005 at 8:51 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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