Butschi Reeder - Prominence

The new 12" from Force Sense brings three unique tracks, electro and tech-house, the producer being Butschi Reeder. "Prominence" is released somewhere around the beginning of the winter of this year, 2004, bringing some fine vibes of quality tech-house, being an amazing trio for the clubs and not only.

"Original Mix" is the first track on the vinyl, coming with a nice techy tune, with a strong bass line, somber and full of mister. The charm of this musical genre is in the power of rhythm, in the power to hypnotize the listeners and make them dance. This version is maybe the most dynamic from all of them, building with the help of the strange synths and massive grooves a sinister atmosphere, sober and mysterious, refined and accessible only to the viewers.

"Eysser Mix" from the B side starts in a very sinister way, introducing from the beginning the listener in the electro and tech-house aria on which glides a bass line similar to the one from the original edit, but less prominent. The massive kick pattern rouses the rhythm too and the track starts to flow with no problems. This version is darker and more simple than the previous one, taking only the main elements and building up around it a simple and hypnotic rhythm.

The third track on the vinyl is "Bitch House Mix", a real tech-house, somber, dark and closed. The track is very simple, after the half a new bass line arrives and adds up some much dynamism and energy. The second half gleams, the track ending simple, with the same kick pattern which was on the beginning.    

This is a new producer who succeeds in making high quality electronic music and making the crowd happy. This fine release perfectly flows in a tech-house session, exceptional sound for clubs.

Butschi Reeder - Prominence


Force Sense


FS 009


November 22 2004


January 10, 2005 at 8:42 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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