Absolut & Blade - Pure Edge

A new label specialized on progressive productions released in November this year a new dual track signed Absolut & Blade, "Pure Edge". The package released on Plastik Park contains two progressive songs, with much melody, many profound grooves and vibes, emotional riffs, all these in order to form a tasty melodic line which can be found on both tracks. The remix of the single "Pure Edge" comes from Engelspost.

The original is warm, melodic, very sweet and dizzy, but enough bald, since doesn't contain that specific vibe of the clubs, it is not that kind of track on which you can dance freely. The sounds are winding, come and go, recommence and then disappear – all superposed on a sweet, peaceful and calm rhythm. Nice.

Engelspost's remix comes with a bit of energy, like it's better to a remix.:) A bit different, but in the same progressive manner, Engelspost bestirs the listeners to an unusual sound, calm, peaceful and humanitarian. It is another intimate release, a delicate and tender track, with an air op optimism and willingness.

Another nice release, melodic and dizzy progressive, Absolut & Blade bringing into the scene with this material the intimate air of electronic music, composed to a high level. Interesting and deep.

Absolut & Blade - Pure Edge


Plastic Park




November 22 2004


January 10, 2005 at 8:34 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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