Bakony Scamp - Dangerous Inside E.P. Disc 2

The second part of the E.P. comes with a solid 12", some much melodic, harmonic and peaceful. This time we have two tracks plus a bonus, "Ivett", a nice and melodic chillout. Some more profundity is off course a good element, deep synths to make the listener to tremble, synths which discretely form up melodic lines, musical notes and different tonalities, all these for the general weal.

The track from the A side is called "Deep Funk Fusion", combining the profound sounds with heavy and industrial riffs, riffs which dominate at least a quarter of the track. It is another simple track, which alongside a progressive massive beat doesn't come with many quality elements, ending the same as it started.

The B side brings a similar track to the first one from the first disc; "It's All About Jazz" is maybe the best song from the whole E.P., bringing many new sounds on the background, a few funky riffs with some techy influences. Many grooves are making the track to vibrate from the start till the end, coming to a climax somewhere around the half, and then the atmosphere gradually going down.

The last piece from this vinyl, still on the B side is actually a bonus track, an additional product to enchant the listeners. "Ivett" remarks by its simplicity and profundity of the sounds and the extraordinary melodic lines, composing therefore a nice chillout, an ambiental which deserves to be listen.

And so, the new "Dangerous Inside E.P." closes up, transforming the five tracks into a real moment of pleasure, a moment of relax for those whom taste this kind of music. We expect in the near future to listen to some many remarkable projects coming from this Hungarian musician. As for Sumsonic, the things will keep going this year as well, no doubt about it!

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Bakony Scamp - Dangerous Inside E.P. Disc 2




SS 024R


November 1st 2004


January 10, 2005 at 8:29 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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