Bakony Scamp - Dangerous Inside E.P. Disc 1

For those whom are not very familiar with this name, Bakony Scamp is the Hungarian producer Guyla Gyorffy, and this new E.P. released for Sumsonic is not at all his debut, the producer releasing several tracks for labels such as Sadie, Mechanism and Planetarium. "Dangerous Inside E.P." contains five tracks, a veritable package with two 12"s. The first part of the E.P. brings "It Sounds Like This/Absolutely Mad", two nice tracks, kicking, which will drop us on the dance floor, pushing to the maximum our sound systems.

The track from the A side is "It Sounds Like This", an ingenious combination between tech-house and electro, bringing on the front a funky and daring rhythm and some funny vocals which warm up the track, conferring it quality and precision. After a fit and energetic start, we quickly meet an electric, funky and dynamic bass line, honeyed by some sexy vocals. The track runs a continuous dynamism, the rhythm being the essential element which covers the entire song.

"Absolutely Mad" get next to the progressive aria, somber and bleak, with a dark bass line and some deep and shrill grooves, and then tribals which bring an air of mister and bizarre, abstract and doubt. A simple track, with no complications, with no sounds which has to impose a certain attitude – just pure progressive beat and hypnotic rhythm.

The first disc of the E.P. is somber enough, dark and underground, coming with two unique tracks, appropriate for the club, two energetic and massive night tracks. To strengthen the quality of this E.P., the second disc will change somehow the path imposed by the first disc, this time choosing another way to eliminate the sounds and the energy.

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Bakony Scamp - Dangerous Inside E.P. Disc 1




SS 024


October 11th 2004


January 10, 2005 at 8:23 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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