Darko - Quid A Balloon & Pinx

Mark O'Brien (Darko) releases on Sumsonic a brilliant vinyl in September, composed by two great tracks, with deep house patterns, but with some techy and funky influences. About Darko I can tell you he is pretty busy for the moment, working on collaborations with Austin Leeds, Bnann, a fine result to come around pretty soon. The new material from Darko is called "Quid A Balloon/Pinx", bringing on this manner two songs which will be lettered in your memory, because it sound great!

The first track that we see is called 'Quid A Balloon', on the A side. I must admit that this part of the vinyl is genial, since the track comes from the start with a joyful and appetizing bass line, adding step by step new synths which contour an awesome rhythm, kicking and lively. Slowly, the sounds bring a hypnotic melody, steadily rising, which get lost at a given moment in the massive bass line, and after that opening it again, little by little. A few vocals refresh the song, taking it to a series of strange riffs, which are herd together, forming the culminant point, which slowly crumble, closing the track in a genial way.

"Pinx" is the other track from Mark O'Brien, which brings an authentic soundof house combined with many funky grooves but also with tech-house influences, an acoustic and acid sound, delicate and which makes you dance and shake your head. The arrangement of sounds composes a very colored bass line, which imposes itself and becomes the main toy of the track, undermining the other elements. Around this bass line are scrambling a series of other synths which add mister, making the track sound spicy and attractive.

Hypnotic, repetitive, energetic and driving – this is Darko's package! Genially composed, the 12" has a bit from all – electro, funky, house, tech-house, all the ingredients in order to result two good tracks, indicated to the parties, but off course, it deserve the attention home as well.

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Darko - Quid A Balloon & Pinx




SS 023


September 6 2004


January 10, 2005 at 8:17 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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