Nikola Gala - Everything is You & Nomad Soul

After exceptional releases as "Swing 2 Harmony" or "Blue Impulse/Subterra", the Greek producer Nikola Gala appears in the spring of this year with a new package as the debut release of the new Stripped Recording label, out of UK, bringing two tribal house and progressive tracks, "Everything Is You" and "Nomad Soul".

The first track is relaxing and combines the tribals with the dark progressive bass line, making from "Everything Is You" a spicy and kicking track, indicated for the club. Simple and bald, the track contains on the background a female vocal, suggestive and scary, intended to contour and polish up the hallucinatory rhythm which gradually builds a tension which augments more and more, coming on the climax slowly and then going down to the somber and dark bass line which takes the track to a delicious final.

"Nomad Soul" is a bit more melodic, containing furthermore melodic lines and besides that infusing to the listeners a slow fear, an inexplicable anxiety, tough and cold. The tribals are maintained here too, more intense and dense, deeply countered and full of thrills and mister. After the half the song appears with a new, somber, dark bass line.

Looks like Nikola Gala didn't disappointed the public, succeeding to enchant them with his always astonishing releases, very meticulous composed and with new elements brought in the underground dance music.

Nikola Gala - Everything is You & Nomad Soul


Stripped Recordings


001 SR


September 12 2005


March 7, 2005 at 10:16 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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