Stereonova - Test & Talk 2 Me

The label Plastic Fantastic brings a new material from the Italian duo Stereonova (Alessandro Russo aka Slok and Davide Cassacia), which after the "Circus EP" hits the jack-pot with a new 12" called "Test/Talk To Me", two somber tracks which contain the specific and polished sound from now of the project Stereonova. The winter of this year is advantageous for the progressive productions and this material is a graphic example.

The track from the A side is called "Test", a nice progressive, but very somber, on which background are contained some tribals and sinister vocals in order to maintain the equilibrium of the rhythm. Simple and in point, "Test" brings an air of music for the clubs, building up an electric and continuous bass line, at the half of the track, but which is eliminated along with the recurrent appearance of the rhythm. The abstract and tough synths lead the track to an end very similar with the beginning, the short breakdown being the only element which saves this pretty common production.

A bit more energetic, "Talk To Me" starts all at once, introducing the listener from the first into a progressive and dynamic atmosphere, without letting him to take a breath for a few minutes, when the track loses itself into a strange breakdown, where we meet a refreshing female vocal very abstract, full of effects and out of common. Slowly, the bass line takes shape, building a full of energy break beat at the reentrance of the rhythm in the scene, break beat which quickly converts into progressive, passing to an advanced and mature phase. It is for sure the best track on this release, but the vocal could have been absentee as well, because complicates the things.

Overall Stereonova brings to the public the new release for a club session, coming with new and fresh sounds, repetitive and hypnotic rhythms, even hallucinatory and sinister, somber and dark. A good and interesting stuff coming from Italy!!

Stereonova - Test & Talk 2 Me


Plastic Fantastic


PFT 056


November 29 2004


December 8, 2004 at 7:37 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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