Jono Fernandez - Deliver Me

If you are not acquainted with the name of Jono Fernandez, I can tell you he's the protagonist of a cd mix "EQ Grey pres. Shades Of Grey", also exceptional releases as that from ElectroFly Records (U.K.), "Colors of Conscience". The Australian producer has an amazing dj career, this being the result of collaborations with people like Anthony Pappa, Craig Richards, Danny Howells, BT or Lexicon Avenue. His new release is called "Deliver Me" and is signed for the label Institution Breaks.

We are already familiar with the musical style that Jono provides us, an atmospheric breaks combined with progressive. Looks like his original mix is a pure breaks track, building up even from the start a fantastic rhythm which becomes more and more intense as the minutes are dragging on, entering in the first quarter in the delicate and profound breaks atmosphere, with many melodic lines, sounds and kicking rhythms, in order to make us move, in the same time calling our sensibility and offering us first class melody, harmonious, tender, profound and sweet. After some short intermissions, we deeply enter in the track's rhythm, the song adding up with each new groove pattern miraculous and extraordinary sounds, which make an excellent melody, meditative and so damn beautiful! The power of this track stays in the suggestive combination between the drowsiness of the deep melodic lines with an energetic, massive and very elevated beat, building therefore an excellent piece of break beat.

Digital Witchcraft also kick the public's ass with their astonishing remix; you remember off course about productions by Digital Witchcraft, tracks as "Snowday", "Pocket Universe" or "Fingerpaint". Well, this new remix of "Deliver Me" follows the same path, going straight to an atmospheric breaks track, similar with the original mix, but approached in a different manner. A bit much dark, somber than the original, more powerful and dynamic, at least in the first part. Along with the appearance of a few delicious sounds and a dizzy string, the track is opening, lays to rest, building a melodic and tasty bass line, with a strong rhythm which makes the listener to vibrate of pleasure. With a short breakdown, the track flows from the beginning till the end in the same rhythm, accelerating itself and then eliminating gradually and discrete the elements which intervene alongside the song.

Institution Breaks makes happy many ardent persons of breaks musical genre with this new release, providing them two carefully picked tracks, in order to compose an unforgettable 12", which can be listened anytime and anywhere.

Jono Fernandez - Deliver Me


Institution Breaks


IBR 005


November 15 2004


December 8, 2004 at 7:34 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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