Chris Salt - Atmospheric Graffiti

Silver Planet Recordings releases on this end of autumn a new material produced by the talented progressive creator Chris Salt, who after "Dub Sonar/Distorted Reality" retunrs with a news vinyl, "Atmospheric Graffiti", bringing two fresh tracks composed after the same pattern which the young producer already fit us in.

Beside the original mix, the release brings another one coming from Ayden Lavelle, who creates an atmospheric and deep progressive tune, very dense in instruments and melodic lines, a complicated and repetitive track intended to hypnotize with its dement sounds, twisted and diverse. After the tension has grown enough, the track brings a very fine breakdown to stop the hypnotic and hallucinated path of the song, introducing a peaceful and gentle melody which continues along with the rhythm which secondly bursts out, in the second half of the track a bit more intense, more dynamic and strong.

The flip is the original version, a calm and relaxing tune, with the same hypnotic synths on the background, composed in a true harmony. It's not off course a track for clubs, a track to make you move freely, but it's rather music for house, for soul and mind, developing landscapes into the listener's imagination. The progressive harmoniously combines with breaks, giving a meditative flavor of bored music. The essential melodic line encompasses us almost on the entire length of the song, keeping a place for the final to a slow bass line which has to close a new production of the young Chris Salt.

This producer is another talent who succeeds in creating his own style, in imposing itself with originality and demonstrating to the public that he can create music, a pretty high level of music. It's not for sure a perfect, excellent release, or things like that, but he deserves our attention and respect, since he enchants us with the help of the melody and melancholy, at least in some measure.

Chris Salt - Atmospheric Graffiti


Silver Planet




November 29 2004


December 8, 2004 at 7:30 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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