This Is Everybody Too - Sander Kleinenberg

The legendary Renaissance presents a new compilation mixed bySander Kleinenberg, a high level dj and producer who doesn't need any introduction. The new compilation contains two cds, each of them containing a few heavy names in the dance music industry. Producers as Planet Funk, Sander Kleinenberg in person, Blue Haze, Riva and many others will be close to you during almost two hours and half, bringing a few hard vibes of progressive, tech-house, minimal orhouse. After a while Sander K is back, providing us this superb material on 2 cds, which already got a few good remarks, being very appreciated.

Entering the mix atmosphere, we can discover a special sound, delicate and sweet which enchants from the beginning. After a short intro, very nice and mellow, the mix starts with Junior Boys and the track "Birthday", a house tune with many techy synths, which slowly flows in Tanzmann & Voight and the track "Dining Room". The atmosphere grows step by step, warming up with each new track and slowly opening some pleasant and juicy melodic lines. The Hot Toddy project and the track "Mind Trip" brings a peaceful sound, for club, and a profound and quality vocal. The bass line harmoniously combines itself with the odd tribals from the next track, a very skittish minimal house and coming together in a wonderful manner with the next tune "In Your Eyes" produced by Mike Hiratzka & Kazell. Is still silence, the rhythm is still peaceful, warm and profound. But from here, the things start to be a bit more intense, more dynamic, being introduced some more affectivity and melody through exceptional tracks, as the excellent tune produced by Mic Burns under hisBlue Haze guise, "Into Nothing". A deep track in sooth, with a tough, electric and continuous bass line, melodic and energetic, a constructive and full of emotions track. Not to mention about the vocal which succeeds in imposing with its profundity and purity. The energetic rhythms are maintained by the next track too, "Filth", produced by Rowan Blades & Chris Lake, two successful talents in the underground dance music industry. This track brings a fresh air of spring, being optimistic and dewy, which animates and actuates the mix. TheAustralian trio, Infusion, brings us a driving, merry and kicking track, "Do To You In '82", being a veritable house tune, even if the vocals seem a bit too picturesque and puerile. In the same style, we meet Spektrum and the track "Kinda New", a track a bit aggressive and daring, bringing in the headline a uncommercial and tough sound, plus a funny vocal, on which adds up a powerful and simple bass line, which contours the track. After that is Psycho Radio Vs Daf which brings an energetic, driving and funkt up track - "The Deutche Song", aproper tune for theclub, off course an inspiration for the clubbers. The project Planet Funk is here with the well known "The Switch", a reedited version, which keeps the essential sounds as base, the synths, the bass line and the dynamic vocals. If we think that something better could be played, then it's Sander's track, "The Right Time", a track which is outside Hydroponix's competence, coming with the track "Don't Stop Go". Sander Kleinenberg is with reason a remarkable producer too, without neglecting his abilities in mixing house music. That's it with the first part of the compilation, a CD which encompasses pure house music, opened and optimistic, energetic and loaded with many beats intended to send you on the dance floor.

If the first part of the compilation brings many house grooves, the second part comes with a large variety of styles, from tech-house, house, to progressive and prog-breaks. What opens this part is a genial material from Robag Wruhme and the track "Hugendubel", a wonderful tech-house, dynamic and appealing – literally delicious!! Next, Sander Kleinenberg comes with an originalproduction recently released on Little Mountain, "The Fruit". The respective material makes anything to vibrate inside you, to throw you on the dance floor, to scream and to give you a trembling. A very electric track, with a nice and suggestive male vocal. The dynamism doesn't stop here, continuing with a super breaks tune produced by Skai, "Mir Geht's Gut", which is another charming track. You don't need too much melody, too much affectivity or too many complications to become to love this kind of music. Off course, an initiation it's welcomed, or an "exercise" if you want. Only the competitive listeners will succeed in feeling really happy when they listen to this musical genre; but this is opposite on the crowd too, which I noticed that lately they consume an amazing variety of musical styles. Back to the compilation, we find next "Rollin' On", a track produced by Jules Spinner feat. Ab, a liltle and educative track. I was deeply impressed when I first listened to the awesome vocals from the track "Talk Like A Stranger", by Deepsky. After that we can discover another massive house tune with a continuous and electric bass line, dynamic, annexing a few sounds excellent superposed on the dement rhythm. It is Ericke and the track "Ya Don't Stop", a nice track with some tribal and techy influences, which go down soon after another quality musical project makes its appearance on the scene with a profound and melodic track; Shineygrey and the track "Why" composes a fairy universe, where the sounds and the vocals are floating, creating therefore powerful emotions to the listener. From here the things are changing a bit, "domesticating" itself and bringing in the front warm tracks, high quality progressive, with some more melody, more profundity on the approached strings. So we can find here the track "808" produced by Nu-Frequencies, an excellent sound for an after hours set, even a main one. The warm sounds release themselves, being very adequate for this kind of tracks and slowly building an epic and melodic progressive, calm and benefactor for listening. The next track is a bit more simplified, offering to the listeners a warm and peaceful bass line. Entering the profound atmosphere of electronic music, we discover Psycatron and the track "7th Morning 03.20", and after that we retrieve the well known "Work Together" by Dimas & Riva, track released on the Spanish label, Stereo Productions. The last track from this compilation is produced by Redanka, Sander K offering here two versions of the track "Waves", the first one a progressive trance and the second one a warm and extremely melodic and pleasant ambient. It is from far an excellent track, kicking and profound in the same time; as for the ambient version, I can say that the melodic line is just superb, it entrances the listener, leaving him in a drowsiness and beatitude.

"This Is Everybody Too" is the result of many hours spent in studio, where sander Kleinenberg proves the best his skills, taking the listeners in a new and unique place, a paradisiacal universe for those whom are initiated in electronic music and maybe for a part of the innocent listeners. Two cds of a strong compilation, released on a powerful label and most important mixed by a powerful dj and producer. Truly charming!! Is it useful? Does it sound real? Does it feel real? Will professionals and hobbyists alike be overwhelmed by the richness of the sound? Will the audience be swept up in the performance? Will they believe? Is it the best Sander can do? Listen and then believe.

This Is Everybody Too - Sander Kleinenberg






September 27 2004


November 27, 2004 at 9:21 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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