Kosmas Epsilon - Neverending & I Trance You

When we speak about Kosmas Epsilon we suddenly think of his awesome remix of the track "Sweet Harmony" from The Beloved. Besides that, "Architect EP" on Precinct was another quality release of the Greek producer. Seems that Greece is a country where the talents are very numerous, producers whom succeed to bear down their mediocrity and to impose on the dance music industry. And Kosmas is one of those talents, who with his new release for Hypermuzyk, "Neverending/I Trance You" gains the listeners' faith, impressing them with each new release and getting the auditorium into the good quality music.

The vinyl contains on the A side "Neverending", a very good track which succeeds in warming up the atmosphere, containing a lovely rhythm, sweet melody and overwhelming breakdowns. The drums pattern created even from the beginning of the track maintains, building techy sounds and uplifting rhythms which disappear soon after a wonderful breakdown, atmospheric and melodic comes into scene, offering to the clubbers a new experience and a sound with a profundity seldom met to a producer who still contours his name, a musical style and a musical thematic.

About "I Trance You" from the flip side I can tell you is a charming melodic progressive, as much emotional and mellow, profound and sweet as the previous track. The track starts simple, creating gradually an acute and repetitive bass line, with an hypnotic effect and which brings an air of melancholy and sinister. The synths are king-size, compose a melancholic melodic line, meditative and very deep, even sad. The breakdown is very short, offering place to the colored and continuous rhythm to have its tumultuous activity.

A good release, even impressing, always comes with other remarks from high producers, even veterans. And this thing is almost obvious on Kosmas' case, getting support in his musical activity not only from big producers and djs but also from the listener public.

Kosmas Epsilon - Neverending & I Trance You






October 2004


November 27, 2004 at 9:13 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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