Invisible Inc - Stars (Catch2 & Unbroken Remixes)

Behind Invisble Inc is the Grammy nominated producer Barry Jamieson, who has also recently been working with Sasha on his remix of "In A State" by Unkle. You remember off course the excellent release "Stars", launched this summer; well, Sumsonic is back with a new fresh series of remixes of the tune which amazed so much the audience this summer. The remixes come from some talented artists, on the A side "Catch2" (Alex Drury and Chris Gainer) and on the flip the "Unbroken mix" (Damien Chicken and his studio partner Dino Sofos).

The A side brings a colored, sweet and dizzy breakbeat, entering the breaks series which got so appreciated lately. "Catch2 remix" slowly opens up, gradually, with a pattern of breakbeat grooves, being on the up and up to a warm and melodic rhythm. Everything becomes wonderful when the awesome synths of the original version of "Stars" come into scene. New energetic and a bit violent sounds appear on the background, contouring a perfect break beat rhythm. After the atmosphere warms up, we meet a amazing breakdown which enlaces the spirits, making the listener to excite himself and making his soul to vibrate. The breakbeat grooves take the track to a peaceful end, charming, all the elements forming an unique sound, delicate and composed in full harmony.

"Unbroken remix" keeps many of the original sounds, starting with a delicious ambient, awesome and peaceful. It is for sure a track which enchants the listeners, bringing an ambiental progressive, with deep house influences. Everything culminates with the exceptional melodic line which succeeded to impress through delicacy and purity. The track gradually builds up sounds and in the same time deep feelings in the listeners' souls, coming at the half to a perfect rhythm, hallucinating and hypnotic. After the melodic and crushing breakdown, the rhythm reenters more powerful, more intense, taking the track to the culminant point, where the melodic line is in power, making wonders. The things slowly end up, finishing therefore a track with good taste, quality sound, a tune with a lush, warm and dreamy sound.

We have to mention that "Unbroken remix" received an amazing feedback from John Digweed, the track being played on his radio shows and dj sets. Two new remixes of a veritable track "Stars" continue the session of the stellar synths, making the listeners to dream and enjoy an emotional melody. A new successful, wonderful release from Sumsonic, which is worthy to be in the public's attention.

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Invisible Inc - Stars (Catch2 & Unbroken Remixes)






December 2004


November 25, 2004 at 9:31 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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