Trafik - Bullet

The prestigious Global Underground has recently assembled a sub-label based on the original albums releases and this is GU Music. After the debut with Pako and Frederik and "Atlantic Breakers", the second material released here on GU Music comes from another successful duo, Andrew Archer (aka Forth) and John Elliott, also said Trafik. Their album called "Bullet" contains 13 tracks very diversified as style, the cd being an incursion through breaks, progressive, chill-out, downtempo, ambient, all these composed, edited and mixed by Trafik. An impressive project, "Bullet" is the result of an effort well deserved an effort which gets out an irresistible sound, electronic and very appealing.

After an excellent intro which is "Midas", what really opens up this album reminds me of the genial Depeche Mode's music, a kind of very electric but autochthonous downtempo as well. The track "Echoes" brings also the astonishing vocals of John Elliott (or 'Tilt'). The very strong, dense and slow rhythm creates charming landscapes, new and complicated atmospheres. "Revolution" strikes back too, installing itself very confortable in the breaks area, very melodic and electric. An excellent track with asweet piano on the background and a low bass line, all these taking the track into a unique and profound universe of music. We can notice that little by little the atmosphere is warming up, the temperature is raising, the rhythm starts to unleash itself begging for life and color. "Are you Ready to Party" or "Kaleidoscope", another quality break-beat which imports electronic sounds combined with autochthonous ones. It's a pretty tough track, on which you can dance, producing an extremely pleasure to a party in club. After we have warmed up good, it's time to take a deep breath, because the forth track offered by Trafik slows down the adrenaline, installing us into the "normality"; "Escape From" has atough and massive bass line, but extremely slow, better said entering the trip-hop or downtempo sphere, with some rave and hardcore influences. The amazing vocals of John Elliot are here too, improving the track's quality, giving it more color and recruiting the musical harmony. The next track makes the passage between progressive and trance, or better said progressive trance, a style which you're pretty familiar with regarding the variety of music released in the latest years. After "Disko Trafiko", the track mentioned above, it's "Our Time in the Future" the track which comes with a sound full of thrill, a special melody and a downtempo slow rhythm. Can be very well the soundtrack of a movie too, creating a real tension around the sounds which continue to flow till the end. The somber world composed by this part of the album continues with the track "Relax", rolling off a homelike movie, a journal of somebody's life and it's all about the music. Indeed profound, the piano from this track builds a tension and a dramatic conflict, anything soaring in lyricism and philosophy, this track combines the classical symphony with modern electronic sounds. "Into the Wind" brings an air of sadness and melancholy, a modern pop very slow and profound, on which we can find a special female vocal, even unique. The music "takes" the life away, I mean it makes us forget it, forget even about us, deeply diving in the atmosphere created by some divine sounds, which together create an unique experience. In the same rhythm we continue with "Perfume Suite", another extremely profound song where Trafik works with craftsmanship in order to offer us deep and powerful emotions. Anything is slow, deep and so calm, that I feel I explode because of these sounds, which became too peaceful, heart-breaking and awesome, almost depressive; it's just like you would enter in a man's consciousness which died for music. The taste for flash, for body, transforms here into a material sensation of music. The next track awakes the listener from his drowsiness, taking him down from the aerial sensation, transparent and depressive, to the feeling of an acute reality. Then, "Your Light" reenters into the electro beats, building up a nice and deep breakbeat, on which background comes again the superb vocals of John Elliott. "Bullet" closes up with an air of sadness, with a warm and lush song, deep and tasty, with some featured charming vocals which hypnotizes and makes you fall into sounds, feeling that nothing matters but the music, maybe the only way to get near God. And so, with "Surrender", the guys from Traffik say hello and this album remains as a very valuable and expensive material.

It is awkward to live musical moments with distance from music, to feel how you can't wince, none the less that it would impress you; it's extremely awkward to be objective while listening to music. The distance with music stops you to get self-made inside, to grow, to dilate yourself and then to burst. Back to this album, I don't know what else I could say about "Bullet"...., since I'm out of words J I can realize therefore that good music is so diversified, so changeable and so strange for some of us, that it's pretty hard for me to make a difference at a given moment between good music and less good music. Then I call up my subjectivism from inside, looks like this is the only way to maintain my position.

Trafik - Bullet


GU Music




October 2004


November 21, 2004 at 3:28 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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