Tango - Little Less Love & Patience

The Spanish producer Tango will release on December a new material, signed for Sog Records, a disc with two progressive tracks, "Patience" and "Little Less Love". Meanwhile, Tango has a radio show on a local radio station from Madrid, Loca FM, his "Overdance" show having also an export format, being broadcasted on some other radio stations from the entire Spain.

Therefore, one of the tracks, the most resistant and profound is called "Patience", being formed from an energetic and kicking rhythm and a sweet melody. The track builds up gradually a tough and powerful bass line, and then a meditative, profound and unique melodic line, composed by a few cold and short synths, adding up afterwards a high and very tender string. After the awesome breakdown which amazes all, the track reenters in the rhythm, accumulating again sounds and sounds and building a tension which decreases only at the end.

"Little Less Love" proposes itself to renounce at sentimentalisms, diminishing it in favor of some strange and cold synths, of some driving tribals and a somber bass line. An energetic and simple enough track, if we think about the composition, "Little Less Love" disposes by a few special riffs, unusual and abstract. We find a pleasant vocal too which appears from time to time on the background, in order to intensify the atmosphere created by the producer and his track.

The new 12" which has to be released somewhere around this winter brings the cold sounds of December, transposing it on some other warm synths, resulting therefore a veritable and quality material. Always surprising, the electronic music holds the floor now too, but opting for a clever music, philosophical and which has to awake powerful emotions in listener's soul.

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Tango - Little Less Love & Patience


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December 13 2004


November 17, 2004 at 8:34 PM CET


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