G-Pal vs The Greek - 3rd of July & A Prayer Beneath

The latest release on Swift Records is produced by G-Pal and El Greco, two Greek producers, whom simply need no introduction. The autumn of this year brought "3rd of July/A Prayer Beneath", two unique and very profound tracks, irresistible and hypnotic.

G-Pal is the guy who produced the first track, "3rd of July", a track with an excellent, very tasty and somber sound, abstract and unique. A kind of fading between deep house and progressive, Palikaris' track rouses strong emotions with the help of the very sad and meditative melodic line which appears almost on the entire length of it. The long strings combined with a very warm and deep vocal go to a melancholic, philosophical and full of secrets sound, a mysterious sound which shines even from the beginning. With a long and hypnotic breakdown, G-Pal succeeds to go straight to the listener's soul, creating profound feelings and calling up auditorium's sensitivity.

Another excellent sound appears on the flip too, the track "A Prayer Beneath" by El Greco. A bit softer this time, this track leads the listener into a frightful world, where the Providence fights with the forces of Evil; the vocals from the breakdown are giving me a thrill. Soon after, new synths are coming, building up a tough, simple but very suggestive melodic line – who dares to say that 21st century technology doesn't work marvels? And an example is just this track. The somnolently rhythm is transparent, "walking" through it some other synths and creating special and unique harmonics, also like the whole style of G-pal and the partners he is working with.

Two tracks which are rocking together, very adequate not only for clubs but also for listening at home. It's no wonder that G-Pal became so appreciated lately. His role in the electronic dance music is very important, because we have to admit that he came with many innovations.

G-Pal vs The Greek - 3rd of July & A Prayer Beneath


Swift Records




October 23 2004


November 17, 2004 at 8:31 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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