Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time

Finally we can say that the producer Guy Berger brought home the bacon with his new material for John Digweed's prestigious label, Bedrock. "Stoppage Time" has a massive support from John Digweed, and so the one who produced until then for labels as Alternative Route, Kinky Vinyl or Whoop! became to sign the present material for Bedrock.

In a moment of full inspiration, Guy Berger produced the original mix of "Stoppage Time", a killing progressive with many techy influences, gradually building a miraculous bass line on which is based the entire track and so emphasizing a robotic universe, commanded by electronic beats, techno synths and incendiary rhythms, in order to drive the listener crazy. With a heavy and massive rhythm, the track rolls around a powerful melodic line, amazing and very driving. The track can be played on various tempos, having the same dement results. It's from far a quality track, full of energy and dynamism, being beyond remix's depth from the flip side.

The remix of the Dave Gardner & Sahar Z Haoman's project comes with an alert rhythm, tougher and more intense, bearing down on the techno area and having sensational effects in clubs. The bass line is as energetic, continuous and very profound as the original version, inspiring power and dynamism and being created on the background some short melodic lines too, which are dominating a good part of the track.

So, enjoy this unique project, especially when it comes from a prominent label, as for Guy Berger, I think this guy should be watched closely in the future.

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Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time






October 08 2004


November 17, 2004 at 8:29 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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