Proton Radio presents The Sound mixed by Lance Cashion

The present compilation here is the result of a show from Proton Radio, an American radio station on the internet, hosted by Lance Cashion, a dj born in Texas, who as he says had the privilege to play music in various clubs from Austin and Orlando. "The Sound" is a show who started almost one year ago, and therefore, he decided to release this compilation. Two cds are enough to demonstrate that music is still the first thing that can help you survive, for not becoming an animal or a robot who speaks. The music humanizes, and here I mention not only the electronic music, but also music in general, even from its very beginnings.

The first mix contains eight quality tracks, from breaks to progressive and lots of ambient elements. Producers like ca Derek Howell, Blue Haze, Orchid and many more really ought to have an important word to say in the dance music industry! So, let's take a closer look on the first part of the Sound, where we can discover a very fine, calm and relaxing breaks; here is Dan Portch and his track "Shoreline", track which impresses with its profound melodic line and the extraordinary synths. It is that kind of quiet, sleepy and shy breaks, which you're listening with a full pleasure at home, alone or with your company, a style which develops the imagination and creates a big impact in your heart and mind, it helps you get out of monotony and routine, with a philosophical and meditative air. With many breakdowns, the track is perfect for opening a session like this one. Blue Haze's "Messy Textures" continues the breaks, simplifying the tension and building up a simple rhythm, profound, with a tasty and refined melodic line. A discrete sound of guitar, even piano can be discovered, in order to awake in the listener's soul strong emotions and deep sensations, to make him feel free, to escape from the daily life. A bit more driving and dynamic, the track of Relisys (Joshua Waddell) lives in a certain way the slow, long and hypnotic melodic line, turning it into something more daring, more joyful and more optimistic. But Orchid's single, "Transmission 3001" is absolutely astonishing; it contains what we call life in music!! I don't know how much success can have this track in a club, but this doesn't matter too much, as long as this guy succeeds in passing out of mediocrity, composing a track which simply let you out of words. We find Relisys again, changing a bit the mix's path into progressive, warming up the souls and rocking on the scene. "With Sexy Results" opens up a series of energetic and dynamic tracks, which make you to move. And this continues with the next track, "Toobin", produced by Medway & John Morgan, a track with much philosophy in its sounds, forming a deep, dynamic and extraordinary melody. Marcus Andrew and Ned Shepard (Digital Witchcraft) enchant us with "Brindavan", but under the shape of a remix coming from a project composed by two talented guys, Mark Musselman and Jondi (Momu). Derek Howell, the American talented producer is the one who closes the first part with a great track, a profound and dynamic track "Western High". Simply impressed by this first cd, Lance Cashion's arrangement, I reserve my enthusiasm for the second part of the compilation.

The guy chosen for the beginning of this second mix is hailing from Pennsylvania, having some releases on labels like Fade, Inversus, Fiji etc. Pat Fooshen and his "The Unthinkable". Another dimension of breaks, another dizzy melodic line, meditative and peaceful. Rob Curtis intervenes with a progressive combined with a nervous breaks, energetic and dark. "Twilight" is another excellent release to make the auditorium shaking and trembling, with the help of the crazy beats and somber and deep bass line. Jonathan Shelly (The Sanctuary Moon) comes with an inflexible and complicated track, a kind of deep progressive, with not too much melody and affectivity, in order to create a reasonable and objective track. This part of the compilation features many progressive tracks than the other one, and continuing in this line, we discover Micah Lukasewich's track, "Pale Creatures"; deep and pretty dark, Micah's style has been polished up during these years, creating track with lot of potential in its roots, tracks which create sensations and emotions, even if there are simple at a first audition. Another project formed between Dan Morris and Shylock is present on this mix, to enchant us and make us enjoy new sounds and rhythms, innovating and sometimes just crazy. Rich D. with "Sunrise Girl" brings too the air of the clubs with his track, a delicate progressive, simple and driving. We are at the half of the second part of the compilation and I notice that mr. Cashion has selected the tracks here after this style of progressive house, a bit somber and which sounds veery well in the club, on which you can move free. If the first cd was breaks, this shall be progressive! Ray & Peter Martin come too with a nice project, "That Moment", a shaking track also, as the last ones, containing a few abstract and unique grooves. Less melody, more rhythm – this is possible too, right? Blue haze is founded again in an excellent shape, with a worthy track – "NineTen", a sweetty progressive, mellow and deep – watch the bass line. And starting from here, the things calm down a little, listening to the exceptionally sound of SoulTan, under the shape of a remix of the track "Rain", produced by Astrid. It can't miss also his wonderful guitar, which mesmerizes anything. A real talent, with no doubt. And the break beat comes back, but a bit much dynamic, coming from PQM Project – "Aenema"(Noel Sanger remix). And finally, the last track of this awesome compilation is signed by Derek Howell, a really good track for ending a brilliant compilation, letting a sweet taste and a discrete nostalgia that the end is near. And everything in a very optimistic format – "We're gonna be okay".

Two cds, two unique mixes, selected in such a best way that any of you can choose his own style to listen first; Lance Cashion - well, it seems that we'll be hearing about this daring guy again in the near future, a real talented dj no doubt. Mellow, sophisticated, philosophical, deep, shaking, dark, uffff, I'm out of words – I just say "The Sound"!

CD 1:
1. Dan Portch - 'Shoreline'
2. Blue Haze - 'Messy Textures'
3. Relisys - 'Agenda'
4. Orchid - 'Transmission 3001'
5. Relisys - 'With Sexy Results'
6. Medway & John Morgan - 'Toobin' (Rob Curtis' Remix)
7. Digital Witchcraft - 'Brindavan' (Momu Remix)
8. Derek Howell - 'Western High'

CD 2:
1. Pat Foosheen - 'The Unthinkable'
2. Rob Curtis - 'Twilight'
3. The Sanctuary Moon - 'Don't Touch It'
4. Micah - 'Pale Creatures'
5. Dan Morris and Shylock - 'Badhatu'
6. Rich D. - 'Sunrise Girl'
7. Ray & Peter - 'That Moment'
8. Blue Haze - 'NineTen'
9. Astrid - 'Rain' (Soul Tan Mix)
10. PQM Project - 'Aenema' (Noel Sanger Remix)
11. Derek Howell - 'We're Gonna Be Okay'

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Proton Radio presents The Sound mixed by Lance Cashion





November 2004


November 17, 2004 at 8:21 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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