Etostone - The So Good EP

Erase Records becomes little by little a label really involved in electronic music production, promoting artists that want to change the usual path, as much as they can do it. Is the case of Etostene project too, which appears on Erase with an EP of 2 tracks, "So Good" and "Polio Sose", two interesting, daring and dynamic breakbeat tunes.

The A side brings "So Good", an intense track, vivacious and full of synths. Everything in a way as electronic as it can be. Break Beat lovers would have a surprise listening to this track which simply doesn't let you sit down; creating a kicking atmosphere from the beginning till the end, being connected to an imaginary mesh powered We can't say we find some melody, some sensibility, affectivity – the track is encapsulated to presenting a stirring rhythm, which wants to drive the listeners crazy and send all of them to the dance floor.

"Polio Sose" is on the flipside, least energetic, more subdued and profound. From the beginning we notice that comes into picture a pleasant, alive and kicking break beat, which is simply perfect for some crazy club parties. Injecting rhythm and vivacity in the listeners, the track has less enough synths, being based on a dement rhythm, composed by a massive and strong bass line and a worthy kick, all these in an underground atmosphere, interspersing among the track a female vocal which says some words a bit trivial to her "baby".

A good material, refreshing, which we need from time to time to awake us, to remember us that we live; setting an electro sense, Etostene raises the adrenaline to the listeners, imposing them an alert, tough and rough rhythm.

Etostone - The So Good EP


Erase Records




November 15 2004


November 17, 2004 at 7:37 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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