Midnight Blue - Blessed

Source of Gravity is one of UK's most respected labels which is promoting a nonconformist genre of music, based on various musical styles, from breaks, progressive house, to ambient and deep house. The original mix from "Blessed" was produced by Alexander Church and Richard Gill, and the remix, with the additional tracks, are Jay Welsh's work.

The A side contains the Original Mix "Blessed" which starts with a slow kick, with the purpose to introduce us in the special progressive style through the complexity of the synths. The track leads us into a paradisiacal universe, building slowly a profound, special and peaceful bass line. At a given moment our ears are assailed by a sound of acoustic guitar which brings an astonishing profundity, creating an atmosphere of dreaminess and bless, also loaded with a subtle and sweet vocal. The rhythm unleashes, adjusting the sounds in a linear way and building an excellent track, with a few ambient elements. After that long and sweet break down, Original Mix retakes its sober bass line, but which gets lost in the sweet sounds of the guitar combined with those wonderful and high synths from the song. The track A2 is a very pleasant and wonderful ambient mix, which awakes a melancholy and ecstasy with that expressive melodic line. The strings are in charge, taking the track to another level, an elevated one, which reveals its sensitivity and musicality.

The flip side enchants us with two tracks coming from Jay Welsh (Black Ice), a progressive remix and an ambient mix. Keeping the calm and peace from the original, Jay Welsh's remix innovates by musicality, by new sounds added up, and especially by a warm and tasty bass line. The guitar sounds is not present here, but I could enjoy the hypnotic and protector vocals. The underground tones of the track become at a given moment almost imperceptible, breaking through in those hours of solemn sadness, like some hidden confessions from another world. "Blind Faith Reprise V2" is the same ambient mix as the track A2 only that is added a kick which bring some much dynamism. A gloomy track, which brings an air of sorrow, of wistfulness, which tickles our soul, hollowing us in our deep solitude.

An extraordinary package from a label to watch, offering in the past year some super productions that are like some friends for us, even like brothers, touching our soul.

A1: Blessed (original mix)
A2: Blessed (Blind Faith Reprise)

B1: Blessed (Jay Welsh (Black Ice) remix)
B2: Blessed (Blind Faith Reprise 2)

Midnight Blue - Blessed


Source Of Gravity




October 1st 2004


November 17, 2004 at 7:23 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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