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There is so much music released almost every day that you almost start to not making the difference between a track and another, you can even go insane if you study closely to this fact. That's why the music is selected, in order to arrive at the listener's ear a quality sound, having the possibility to choose, to decide his own on the quality of the respective material released. And one of the most important selection criteria is the quality of the melody, what exactly that track sends to the listener, something creative, if succeeds to change the listener's imagination and sensibility. The Spanish label Stereo Productions launched the "Unmixed Series", a series of compilations which contains unmixed tracks, and here we speak about "Madrid Underground", with ten featured tracks, compiled, conceived and developed by Dj Chus L. Esteban and mastered on Stereo studios.

Without telling too many stories, we richly enter the Spanish progressive atmosphere, where we find the first track from the CD, the wonderful Swimmingpool Sound project and the track "Sumergible". A quality track for sure, composed to an elevated level, perfect for clubs and night parties in the atmosphere of electronic dance music. Simple enough if we count the instruments used, the track comes with a tender melodic line, but which seldom appears on the track's "surface". As for the rest, the driving grooves and progressive rhythm transform the track into a modality to enjoy life. Chus & Ceballos are present on this compilation too with a track with Richie Santana, "Low Frequencies", a lovely tribal house tune, which contains that vibe we need when we're on a party. Suitable in the morning too, as an alarm clock, this kind of music promoted by Stereo is very appreciated in Europe, an example being the multitude of tracks of this kind released per year. "Low Frequencies" can also be found on "Iberican Sound" vol 3, mixed by Chus and Ceballos. The third track from this cd unlashes the negative energies, having a driving rhythm; Promp and the track "Alhambra", track released on Solar Productions. Another tribal house, this time with many funky influences and jazzy grooves, which surely enhances the sweetness of this compilation. The instruments used to produce the next track on this cd are alike to the precedent's ones, but things are changing here, the track being a bit more profound, more intense and colder. It is from far a powerful sound, which inspires energy, which snoop the listener and invites him on the dance floor. We can discover also a funky electronic guitar sound which slowly looses in a few obsessive strings and take by storm the last part of the track. As for the breakdown, it's something formidable, a delicate melodic line, unique and deep. The producer Roman Lieske is selected too to provide us a track, which is called "Zoomer (Advanced Mix)", a tough and energetic track, which creates on its background simple and somber melodic lines, mysterious and out of common. After another massive tribal house produced by Oscar de Rivera vs Circus Night (which are Paco Buggin, D'Amatoria and Oscar de Rivera), the compilation shines with Dimas Carbajo and David Ferrero's track, "Tunes of Nirvana", a healthy and powerful progressive tune, with a few tribals and a strong bass line which remarks until the beginning, also being supported by a few dubious synths, all these composing a good track, speaking about quality. I think a very well track of this cd is "Burning Paris" coming from Dj Chus and Penn (David Penin) – we find there tribals, melody, profundity on the sounds arrangements, which I have to admit that there are very diversified, all these elements being superposed on an unique, powerful and dynamic rhythm; and there is also a feminine vocal which enriches the track. The last track is signed by Gothek D.C. (Julian Poker), one of the best on this cd, "Velvet Skin". With an unique and complex melody, the track blooms with the help of the vocals and melodic lines produced by the miraculous instruments. A worthy breakdown and a wonderful rhythm, no doubt a delicious track, warm, even hot and profound.

I stop here, none the less that I succeeded to persuade you on the quality of this material – all I can say is that this cd fills the bill, a product coming also from talented producers, whom want to have a word to say in the dance music industry – and some of them succeeded.

Madrid Underground - Stereo Productions


Stereo Productions


SPCD 006


November 2004


November 17, 2004 at 7:10 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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