DJ Chus & David Penn - Balearica

Balearica is the first compilation from a new Stereo project called "Unmixed Series", and it is compiled by Dj Chus and David Penn. I'm pretty sure that this style is familiar for you because you have met it on other compilations signed by Stereo too, as "Iberican Sound". So, enjoy this good stuff.

The first track "Will I" produced by Dj Chus & David Penn feat. Concha Buika is recorded on Urbana Studios Madrid. Composed from warm and peaceful sounds, which take you to the paradisiacal lands of Ibiza, the track contains an enchanting vocal which generates joy. The funky progressive rhythm makes this track to be perfect for club, everything in a warm atmosphere, of recreation and enthusiasm. We all live the euphoria through Nouvelle and the track "Rise", a kind of melody which goes great in the morning, when you wake up and you're touched by the smell of a black coffee; a warm track, which can be listened in any circumstances, with many sounds – guitar, a jazzy bass line and an epic masculine vocal. It's good if you remember the track which greeted us on the start on "Iberican Sound" vol.3, because you'll find it here too, in a good shape and full of driving beats. Sin Plomo feat. Janet Taylor and the track "It's You" is one of the best tracks on this compilation, an optimistic track, where we can retrieve the joy of living. Everything is shining around the sounds, everything is exalted.... Don't forget about the pleasant vocal which reminds us of summer, giving a new lease of life in our bleak souls of the winter. "Echoes from Doruma", another well release on this compilation, produced by Chus & Ceballos, is another ingression in the heavenly world of summer parties from the seashore, this time under the shape of a remix coming from Pippi & I.K.L project. A pleasant tribal house combined with many traditional Spanish musical riffs makes the listeners to enjoy the warm and profound sensations offered by Pepe Link and "Guitar Vibe (Mayorkins Carioca mix)". The tribal session continues with De Melero and the track "Land Of Hunger (Dj Chus & David Penn Mediterranean Vocal remix)", an altercation of airy sounds and a lovely and sweet vocal, which enchants alongside the tribals used to call out the listeners for dance. After "Let Me Love You", another tribal house track, produced by Gabi Newman feat Aaron Lordson, Zebra with the track "Bahia Azul" really delights the listeners, coming with a strong and mature sound, very delicate and deep. The track lives somehow the precedent tribals, entering a slow progressive area, tender and optimistic. The synths are amazing, the piano, the guitar, the electronic strings and a powerful bass line make a vivacious track, merry as a cricket. The energy and dynamism breathes through the track "Mediterranean Soul", coming from the project Colors & Cannus; a track a bit more sophisticated, more cold and sober, but very good for clubs. So, let's go to dance!! Papacha and Dj Pippi amalgamates the oriental sounds with the electronic ones, culminating in an alert rhythm, and so going out "Sentossa", a congestion of tribals superposed on an incendiary rhythm, creating therefore an sweet and clever melodic line. The bonus track of this material completely changes the atmosphere, leading the track into the mysterious universes of oriental music, faded with traditional Spanish music. A new and unique experience, offered by Dj Chus and David Penn, with the track "Delhicious Funk" closes up this house music session, letting the fingerprint of an optimism which must be admired.

"Unmixed Series" is a very well and interesting project that alongside with "Madrid Underground" brings this compilation "Balearica", a 100% cd for dance, providing a big variety of sounds, from those oriental and traditional to those innovative, electronic, specific with the actual dance music.

01. DJ Chus & David Penn Feat. Concha Buika - Will I (Original Stereo Cool Mix)
02. Nouvelle - Rise (Original Mix)
03. Sin Plomo Feat. Janet Taylor - It's You (Original Mix)
04. Chus & Ceballos - Echoes From Doruma (Pippi & I.K.L Remix)
05. Pepe Link - Guitar Vibe (Mayorkins Carioca Mix)
06. De Meloro - Land Of Hunger (DJ Chus & David Penn Mediterranean Vocal Remix)
07. Gabi Newman Feat. Aaron Lordson - Let Me Love You (Original Mix)
08. Zebra - Bahia Azul (Original La Terraza Mix)
09. Colors & Cannus - Mediterranean Soul (Original Tribal Mix (Unreleased))
10. DJ Pippi Presents Papacha - Sentossa (Chus & Ceballos Delhiberican Mix (Unreleased))
11. DJ Chus & David Penn - Delhicious Funk (Stereo Lounge Mix (Unreleased))

DJ Chus & David Penn - Balearica


Stereo Productions


SPCD 005


August 31 2004


November 17, 2004 at 7:05 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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