Lynx - Digital EP

After the fine "Effected EP", Steve McGrath aka Lynx is back with a new EP of 4 quality tracks on the new Source Of Gravity Digital label, the Source of Gravity Records exclusive MP3 off-shot . The new EP brings in the limelight some refined progressive and ambient beats, warm but also very somber, dark and mysterious.

The first track is called "Instinct", a nice and very hypnotic progressive, dizzy and with a driving rhythm on a side and a boring one on the other side. The track starts its atmosphere with a constant bass line which will be connected till the end, hypnotizing therefore the listeners; for a long time the sounds are unchanged, resting in the same "drunkness", in the same drowsiness, causing this to the listeners too. The breakdown introduces a few new synths, but in the same somber and obscure modality, for some this being even shocking. We can't say this is an easy and simple track, because in its profundity, the melodic line brings new sensations which are past recall, being behind the times, and coming back like some ghosts "haunting" the listener's ears.

The second track is a bit much sweet, much warm and much melodic, a kind of ambient combined with a subtle breaks rhythm, which simply enchants. Continuous and long strings crash by some short and delicate synths, forming an emotional melodic line. The silence and peace atmosphere created by this track makes you to have bees in the brain! To the end, "Mirage" gets a very sweet harmony, forming an unique melody and creating profound sounds which can cure the depressions :)

"This Life" is another spiritual travel in an abstract universe of sounds, building real landscapes which, through the delicate and somber synths are living, meeting with true colors...It is one of the most profound and relaxing tracks on this EP - inefable. The sounds are going bad, are moulding and becoming to the end simple beats full of energy, which grow together with the listener's body.

And finally, the last track on this EP is a veeery melodic, meditative and profound ambient. "Solar Sessions", the track which ends up this release (which simply succeeds to get out of the dark) becomes step by step a pleasant tickle of the ears, aiming directly to the auditorium's sensibility. The Melodic line is out of common, being formed by an up and down of musical sounds, representing an indescribable harmony. Enjoy this track!

A difficult release, complicated, but yet pleasant to be listen to. And Steve got himself noticed by this fact, by his taste for bizzare, for abstraction, for darken sounds. "Digital EP" must be taken into account, representing no more than another step which Lynx and Source of Gravity are doing into electronic music.

1. Instinct
2. Mirage
3. This Life
4. Solar Sessions

Lynx - Digital EP


Source Of Gravity Digital




October 15 2004


November 17, 2004 at 6:39 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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