Ben Camp - Driven & Dented

On the A side is the track "Driven", a very tough progressive with many tribals, an frightful bass line, repetitive and obsessive which builds a very strange track, sober and cold, pessimistic and deep. The listener lives through the sounds in a perpetual tension, waiting for the inevitable, the fatal to come. For almost nine minutes you'll be hypnotized by the somber and massive bass line of the track, which creates unusual feelings. During the track we can hear only these pessimistic sounds which inspire fear and shiver, as we are living in a horror world.

If the first side is tough, the flip doesn't sweeten, doesn't warming, but it become as severe as the previous one, maybe a few more crushing and slow. The mystery intensifies with the help of the two versions of "Dented", "Degrees Of Freedom" and "Re-edit". I choose from the first "Degrees Of Freedom", a progressive with an extraordinary acoustic melody, which simply hypnotizes you, creating a somber, sinister and very sad atmosphere, an inexplicable sadness and also which can not be expressed in words – you must feel it in the sounds, in the bosom of the harmony created between the riffs. A continuous and less perceptible string environs us during the whole track, alongside a slow rhythm, calm and a bizarre male voice. As for the re-edit, here the sounds and the rhythm intensifies a bit, being much pregnant and creating a much driving track, but keeping the same bizarre tonality of the melody, only that adds a deep and continuous bass line.

Three interesting tracks, in Ben Camp's style, tracks which don't reflect the joy of living, don't contain merry and innocent sounds and don't plan to become the number one in tops, becoming therefore successful hot singles. But it is something special.

A1: Driven (Yes U Everyone)
B1: Dented (BC 2004 Re-Edit)
B2: Dented (Degrees Of Freedom Mix)

Ben Camp - Driven & Dented


Erase Records




September 2004


November 17, 2004 at 6:21 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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