Stel & Good Newz - Cave In

The next upcoming release on G-Pal's Swift Records is a new production from greec´s duo Stelios Vassiloudis & Vangelis Labrakis, or better said Stel & Good Newz, two fellows whom already are into the public eye after their "Particle" signed on Dave Seaman´s Audiotherapy label. Their new material which is expected to be out in the 1st week of October weeks is called "In Cave", along with a remix by ToneDepth.

The original of "Cave In" is a sweet tune, which will let from its very beginning a syrupy taste in our mouth. It is a special, relaxing and smooth track, which calms you down and gives a sensation of confort and joyness. After a progressive kick, the track opens up a few short synths, also very warm, which together compose a powerful and impressive melody. The deep and melodic bass line of the track slowly introduces short parts of breakdown, coming to a long one, very hypnotic and extremely emotional, and at the end the track retaking its initial rhythm to end up in a very special way, smooth and peaceful.

As for Tone Depth´s remix ....Uhhhh! The things are pretty different here, the greec´s producer offering to the listeners a wonderful progressive track, with a very tasty and shaking bass line, as also the entire rhythm. It doesn´t miss also the unconfoundable sound of his beautiful ambiental guitar from the breakdown and then from the rest of the track. As only Tone Depth can make it, he offers an unconfoundable sound, tipical and special, to impress the listeners, sound which is present also on his whole creations, from the beginning of his musical career. And this track succeeds too in going beyond our expectations, impressing us and producing a sensation of confort and a piece of euphoria. It is indeed an excellent track, not only for a warm up set but also for afterhours, not to mention for home listening.

After Audiotherapy, this great duo enchants us with their new release which will surelly be appreciated in my opinion, "Cave In". We can only expect great things from these two astonishing producers, not to mention about G-Pal´s label.

Stel & Good Newz - Cave In


Swift Records




October 2004


October 2, 2004 at 4:32 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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