Moshic feat.Dj Asi Kojak - Do u c the sound

Screen Records was an idea born from Stefano Greppi, Italian D.J. & Producer, linked to his perspective of music. It was created in 2002 in the center of Italy. For Stefano, to call his label ' Screen' was the biggest expression of freedom. Each Screen can reflect in its prefered image along to the individual, or the self can be expressed throuth the senses, without any image. Screen Recordings wants you be free to choose your prefered Screen combined with music. Screen Recordings doesn't like to define its style. However, it likes to range through many musical styles such as progressive, house, trance and techno, presenting a product full of emotions with deep sounds. Even though Screen Recordings is quite young, it was quickly supported by talented worldwide artists; viceversa, Screen Recordings, is supporting these artists going towards a common growth of the Dance music industry.Music : Video = Screen Recordings : Freedom "do you c the sound"

Original mix & Moshic Remix: says all about screen rec and the mind beghind this labeldark beats spoken tarck and visonary sound like only Moshic does! The two versions are slightly different both good for the main dancefloor: spooky vocal hook, progressive/breaky elements and melodic synts in the remix, makes this project "a must" if you are into this style .Here we have yet another big one with even bigger message in it to give "some ppl say we're u c the sound..." well I do! Buona visione!

Dj support from: Luca Ricci, John Digweed, Mas Collective, Stefano Greppi, Rui Da Silva, Deep Dish, Cassino & Laben and many others...

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Moshic feat.Dj Asi Kojak - Do u c the sound


Screen Recordings


SCR 009


October 2004


September 26, 2004 at 7:40 PM CEST


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