VA - Audio Tour Sampler

After the compilation Audiotour mixed by Chris Fortier himself, which had an enormous success around the dance music listeners and also Chris' fans, Fade Records decided to release some "samples" from the cd on 12" format; and this thing was the new material released by Fade, Audiotour sampler. We will find therefore two tracks coming from two successful musical projects which were the main tracks from the compilation.

The side A contains the track of two talented producers, Derek Howell and Peter Martin, or better said The Alley Quats. "Talk To Me Goose" had a great success even long before being released, not to mention what it was after... So there are some tracks which can break through, becoming successful hits, and this track is one of them. If we listen carefully to the track, we will find the rhythm who attends us from the very beginning, and in short time a somber bass line too, which pushes on the heavy and tough kick, conferring that specific progressive sound. The obscure sounds flood still, to abstracting and giving strong sensations to the listener. At a given moment everything gets out of usuall, and the rhythm changes for a few seconds in a hypnotic and aggressive downtempo, abstract, for coming back afterwards to the basic progressive which continues the journey till the end of the track.

If we flip the disc we will find another track which was Fortier's beginning for his Audiotour, Motive feat. Abagale Fischer and "Abe (128 mix)", a brilliant and sweet breaks which brightens and opens up the sober atmosphere produced by the other track. Tom Anderson and Mark Hunt succeed in creating an out of common track, without precedent, which has a melody and an unique sound. From the very start a warm rhythm from breaks sphere makes its appearance, following that Abagale Fischer to come along with her vocals for almost the entire length of the song. At the end the melodic and warm breaks transforms into an aggressive break beat, and the tough rhythm is the one which closes the track.

Two tasty driving tracks, forming a vinyl which deserves to be listened not because comes from a prestigious label but because will surely create a strong impact between the listeners' soul and will exhilarate our existence.

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VA - Audio Tour Sampler


Fade Records




August 23 2004


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