Smight - Labels, Lies & Warnings

Confi-Dance is a new label to watch established in New Castle, UK, and its new promo coming from Smight, "Labels, Lies & Warnings" is what the american producer from Houston, accumulated in his living days till now, offering such an unique and dizzy track. The material also comes with a remix from the man of the moment, Habersham, "Dark & Sexy Remix".

The A side has Original Mix, an amazing, profound and melodic track, which brings alongside all these special and complicated sounds a vocal from the producer himself, Smight. In anticipation of a continuous and dark bassline, the track develops from the beginning its delicate progressive rhythm, accumulating then an impressive diversity of riffs, and creating an absolute awesome and meditative melodic line. Smight's track breaks through other progressive productions, imposing unique senses, creating a hypnotic atmosphere and vibrating through all the sounds. The producer's vocal is also extraordinary, a real talent who surely has a word to say in the electronic music industry. The break down fully develops the melody created by the vocals, and the final part brings much more than you expected from a track of this genre.

The Habersham's breaks remix on the flip side contains a powerful, dark and somber rhythm, overlapping the other elements from the original with the effected vocals too. The remix brings a wonderful bass line, full of effects, unloading on the break down a peaceful and unique melodic line, which makes the listener to tremble. Soon after, the track starts as much tougher as in the first part, ignoring the break down and building an earthshaking and driving rhythm. Clean, pure, hypnotic, the remix makes you move, makes you shake your head, makes vibrate everything in you, unchaining your angriness and your bad moods.

Receiving strong support from brand djs such as James Zabiela, Hernan Cattaneo, Phil Thompson, Phil K and many others, the new material on Confi-Dance is already announced to be a success, so keep your eyes on this high talent Smight. I always felt that music is one of human's best friends, a very faithful and true one, which understands you all the time and asks from you nothing more than acquisitiveness.

Smight - Labels, Lies & Warnings


Confi-Dance Records




September 2004


September 1, 2004 at 2:38 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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