Orchid - Everlasting EP

Alex T aka Orchid is about to release in October a new record on Gravitation Recordings, including four extraordinary tracks, which will surely change the path of the electronic music industry.

"Everlasting E.P." starts with "Foreverland", a track which introduces the listener into the world of electronic sounds, where the vibrations are all that matters, offering nothing more than pure pleasure. If I would describe this track in a few words, I'd say just this – profundity, warmth, mesmerism, reverie, beauty. After a tough breakbeat kick, the bass line intervenes darkly and somberly, and in short time makes their appearance a few riffs, giving a special vibe to the track. The synths which burst out at the impressive breakdown are so delicate, composing a really melancholic melodic line, almost heartbreaking, in the good meaning.

Not long after we get out of the trance given by this superb tune, A2 enchant us with a progressive track, containing a metallic and robotic bass line, but with a melodic line as much profound and mature as the one from the previous track. "Silverlining" makes the sadness to go, in favor of an enthusiasm and a euphoria which appears along with the exceptional melodic line, composed by odd synths, which reveals an imaginary paradise of music. It exist some musical invasions by an absolute fascination, which simply makes you fall in love with it, making you feel the music, crossing through you and giving some much color to your blood.

"The Moonflow" on the flip side is deeper, hypnotic, and the synths give you the impression of a fascinating rain of sounds, which are getting lost then, one by one. We live under the art's protection! What will we be without art? – We will surely driving crazy. I would refer in this case only at music...Back to Orchid's release, the AA1 breaks builds up a paradisiacal melody, makes the listener to come to ecstasy, making happy the one who understands it. So gentle, so sublime, so clean, the rhythm flows alongside the melodic line, melodically rising to the sky. We finally arrived at the last track, "Transmission 3001", but as good as the previous tracks. I would say four unique tracks, any of it bringing something new, completing itself one with the other.

A really impressive release, containing so much melody and affectivity, so much peacefulness and profundity. Orchid is a very talented producer which amazes very much his listeners with his melodic lines, with his much hidden tracks, with the deepness in which he hides so many feelings, so many ideas and so many passions.

Orchid - Everlasting EP


Gravitation Records


GRAV 017


October 25 2004


September 1, 2004 at 2:35 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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