Lynx - Effected EP

The British producer Steve McGrath aka Lynx launches in September a fresh EP on Gravitation Records, containing four original productions. Effected EP is a material which reflects Lynx's conception regarding music, his feelings and his effort for the improvement and evolution of this musical genre.

On the A side two authentic progressive tracks. The first one is "Danger", an obscure progressive, profound and dark. We enter all at once in the dubious atmosphere of the track, which gradually advances, even starting to frighten us with its bizarre sounds and the scary melodic line. The synths are uncomplicated, little but very obvious, adding up, alongside a few tribals and a deep and dark bass line, an air of mystery and juicy, even fear, which can evolve in "danger". A few somber and effected vocals emphasizes this air, which wastes on the break down, for reinstalling itself after a while, more deeper and darker. After a short breakdown, the path is changing for a short time to breaks, and then back to the first phase of the track, when appeared the progressive, which also ends up Lynx's production. The other "track", from this side, is a surplus of sounds for completing the A side; "Hallucination" contains a few strings and continuous effects, with no melody, no rhythm, chaotically arranged, resulting an ambient noise with a few tents of melody.

The AA1 track, "Effect" seems to be the most successful track on this EP, bringing a sweet tribal house sound combined with progressive house. After a short introduction, the tribal rhythm makes its appearance, animating and warming up the atmosphere. But in short time, the situation changes, at the entrance of the bass line and the continuous and melancholic riffs, which changes the track into a sweet and melodic progressive house, with a warm vibe. The synths appear also in a short time, and after a miraculous and long bass line disappear little by little. By a warm, meek, curing and relaxing melody, "Effect" seems to be a sonant hallucination, like all the things except the substance. Getting rid of this nostalgia, we enter into an archaic universe, a universe of the playful melody and of the open and optimistic synths. "First Light" ends up this E.P., not before offering a unique sound, somewhere between downtempo and ambient, bringing a fresh, warm and benefic melodic line. Who doesn't love the nature, doesn't love the music, and those landscapes which don't awake in us some musical representations, can't be memories. Because, this EP composes real landscapes, composes real spaces.

In a sublime moment of inspiration, the producer Steve McGrath succeeded not only with the track "Effect" to add up a splash in the progressive house universe. Another release which assures us that the label Gravitation doesn't play games with music, taking seriously its task of discovering new talents and releasing their productions.

Lynx - Effected EP


Gravitation Records


GRAV 016


September 27 2004


September 1, 2004 at 2:32 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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