Nemos - Summerwinds EP

September sees a new material released on Within Records and this is the musical project Nemos, a duo of the Estonian based drum & bass producers, Ulari & Margus. You can find also three interesting remixes from Aural Imbalance and DSO.

"Summerwinds" starts with a wonderful donwtempo remix from Aural Imbalance, a track which will surely calm down the spirits and will make you enjoy unique moments with a unique and special sound. Very lazy and slow, the rhythm slowly detaches from the clever synths, creating a slow breakbeat, or better a breakdown. After this atmospheric downtempo, which also includes warm and nice vocals, Aural Imbalance hits it once again with another remix, this time dynamic and much intense, on which you can move freely. Very pleasant, the track calmly and slowly starts its movement, annexing afterwards very nice breaks with deep house. As much atmospheric as the previous remix, the track includes here too the featured vocals, is much active, with many synths and percussion elements and an absolutely sweeeet melody.

The flip side brings two more versions of Summerwinds, the Deep Space Organisms remix and the last but not the least is the original mix. DSO remix is a profound and melodic progressive, with trance & deep house influences, also very recommended for the club. All the synths point out purity, delicacy and peacefulness. The dizzy breakdown makes the track more beautiful, relieving a few bizarre synths which make the melody to spin around a mellow and deep rhythm. Finally, it is the original mix the track which ends up this E.P., bringing back to life and awaking, refreshing the atmosphere with a delicate drum & bass pattern and tasty jazzy elements. A summer tune, no matter if it was released in autumn, the original combines so many sensations, challenging the listeners to a new and daring sound, to a nonconformist rhythm and a toddle in the club.

This is the debut of the Estonian producers to this new label and we have to mention that is not really to neglect. I would especially recommend to the chill & jazzy drum & bass addicted clubbers the original mix which really enchants.

Nemos - Summerwinds EP


Within Records




September 4 2004


September 1, 2004 at 2:26 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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