Cafeaudio - Cafeaudio EP

Within has been building its profile since its first inception in 2001 and has been going from intense to intense with each release. As to the the new material made by CafeAudio, it contains four different track, from breaks to progressive and downtempo. The CafeAudio project is lead by the Italian producers Ginotonico and Bob Rifo, whom started to release quality tracks since their beginning as a duo in '98.

The A side "Control Me" starts with Simon's remix (Aural Imbalance) which throw into bold relief a very melodic and discrete breaks, with a deep affective load. After the usual breaks kick, the melodic line slowly settles into shape, gradually accumulating more riffs and synths in order to create an unique, profound and simple melody. At the half the things are laying to rest at the appearance of the breakdown, and then intervenes a new melodic line which makes the track to bloom.

The sounds are slowly unloading themselves till the last, following that the original mix of "Control Me" to change the E.P.'s path to a downtempo with trip-hop influences, reminding me of the extraordinary Portishead. Also the featured Laura's vocals are soon included, a remarkable Italian vocalist, which tensions the things, making the melody more spicy and sexy. So mellow, so warm and slow, the original track is no more that a formidable journey into the artificial paradise of sounds.

"Time" from the flip side has two versions, starting in the first phase with a fresh and delirious remix from the same Aural Imbalance. More intense, the remix brings a very sweet progressive drum patterns, annexing a few tribals which combined with a discrete and warm bass line, produces a unique sensation to the listener. The infinite space of the synths and riffs is unshackling, the track composing truly landscapes and gaining color with the vocalist's help. The original mix from "Time" is not that different than the original of "Control Me", a very special vocal modeling the listener's sensitivity and entering his soul. Melancholic, docile and lazy, the track ends up the spiritual travel into the world of sounds, letting a sweet taste.

The end of summer let out four tracks which herd together in a full E.P. in order to enrich the melodic dance underground industry with another material and accentuating the relish of life of the listeners.

Cafeaudio - Cafeaudio EP


Within Records




August 2004


September 1, 2004 at 2:14 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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