Chris Fortier - Despegue

After "Whateveritis", Chris Fortier is out of the studio with a new release for his label Fade. "Despegue" has two versions, main mix and a dub, being a refreshing track and working out very well on the dancefloor.

The side A contains the main mix, which starts all at once with a stiffly and repetitive rhythm, continuous and hypnotic. Not long after, the bass line subtly comes out, dropping the track in the progressive atmosphere typical for Chris, with a few trance influences, which follow to be distinguished at the slow appearance of the long and continuous strings, which alongside a few synths, produce a simple but sober melodic line, gradually adding up many tonalities. The percussion elements don't miss from Fortier's "tools", as also the bass line which has different tones, when is jolly, playful, when is monotone and sober.

The dub on the flip doesn't innovate, is almost the same track as the main mix, only that here it's more deeply and intense working out on the bass line and the drum pattern. As for the rest, the things are just ok, the strings don't give moments of rest, no breakdown to pant for breath.

Good for the club also, "Despegue" is easily accepted with the both versions, since they don't differ too much. A dynamic and strong progressive, this new track will have a serious impact between club lovers.

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Chris Fortier - Despegue


Fade Records




July 19 2004


September 1, 2004 at 1:59 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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