Various - Future Sound Of Gravity EP Vol 2

The Future Sound of Gravity series arrived at the second volume and this new E.P. includes Blue Haze (Michael Burns), Lynx (Steve McGrath), Section 75 (Rob Smith & Lee Penington) and Orchid (Alex T), being released in early August on Gravitation Recordings. We have to mention that in the last time, Source of Gravity/Gravitation provided us a lot of good music, showing that it is a label with open horizons.

On the A side Gravitation brings us Michael Burns aka Blue Haze, and the track "Amber Glow", a very remiss and atmospheric progressive house, with a deep bass line and low tonalities. The track encompasses lot of ambient, long and lazy breakdowns, with an out of common melody, something more than peaceful, a melody which gets close to the passing into nothingness. The sounds are flowing very easily, the rhythm slowly detaches, taking a sweet and smooth shape, very melodic and dawdling. At the half the elements are easily eliminated in order to wake up the listener from the dreaminess and laziness given by the calm and soft strings, and after an excellent breakdown, the relaxing track slowly ends up; a very indicated song for late night clubs or something like this. Lynx brings the track A2, "Awakening", an atmospheric downtempo, plotter and nice, even really interesting. I noticed at McGrath's music this ambient influence, of downtempo, of a kind of trip-hop. And this is happening with this track too, creating landscapes through the power of hypnotic sounds and relaxing melody.

The flip side of the E.P. seems more attractive, more dynamic and more intense. We meet producers such as Rob Smith & Lee Pennington in the first part (Section 75) and then we discover the extraordinary breaks coming from Orchid. Let's stop to "Hemit's Curve", produced by Section 75, a very good progressive cut, which injects some life to the E.P., making it sound more dynamic and energetic. Very simple, the track of these two producers gets itself noticed first of all by the rhythm, the bass line, which stands out in relief, as for the rest, it stays in shadow. This is not a lightly track, not at all – I could say that I discovered lot of pessimism, many dark and obscure sounds, which compose an abstract melody, simple but sober, cold and almost without what we call a beautiful melody. The break down makes the track to grow from the qualitative point of view, than containing the rhythm with a surplus of melody and affective load. As for Alex T's track (Orchid), "Illegal Alien", I consider it the best of the entire E.P. It is not that I'd rather prefer breaks, but I found a lot of melody and sensitivity. The synths are rushing to touch the listener's soul, getting out of the plat universe of digital technology and breeding under the shape of a melodic line. The breaks rhythm really is exhilarating and benefic, seems much optimistic, bringing a slow air of sadness, of disappointment, but especially what comes out at this track is the profundity – in all the elements.

A very good E.P., which keeps trace of any detail and which enchants through the diversity of the styles and melodies, "Future Sound of Gravity volume 2" is an innovative and blow-minded release, so don't miss it.


A1 : Blue Haze - Amber Glow
A2 : Lynx - Awakening
AA1 : Section 75 - Hermit's Curve
AA2 : Orchid - Illegal Alien

Various - Future Sound Of Gravity EP Vol 2


Gravitation Records


GRAV 015


Junly 29 2004


September 1, 2004 at 1:59 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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