Mike Hiratzka - Reach Out To Me

Perpetual Tunes is a division of Fred Numf Productions and Southbound Music, and the material that we have in view is produced by a talented artist, Mike Hiratzka. "Reach Out To Me" also link up a remix coming from a fructuous collaboration between Fred Numf and Etienne Overdijk.

The A side encompasses this remix I was speaking about, in a very calm and melodic manner the track opening itself to the listeners and developing an unique sound and a special melody. We also discover a very tender male vocal, which builds an out of common melody. After the entrance in the progressive atmosphere, discretely comes the breakdown which makes wonders and surely improves the track, giving a deeper sentimental load. The delicious poison of melancholy...- this is what the song wakes up in the listener's soul. It is a musical mystery which lays in this track and hardly can be revealed, slowly reducing the melodic curliness to pure rhythm.

The original mix from the flip side is much intense, dynamic, getting next to the trance style. In the aerial purity of this music, which sometimes goes to a sublime melancholic gravitation, not just once you feel yourself easy, transparent and angelic. With a strong "personality", the track identifies as I said with a vocal atmospheric trance, which makes you vibrate and makes your heart to beat on the track's rhythm. The accelerated synths of the track cut a shine, producing unique and unforgettable feelings.

Two very good tracks, coming from some producers whom took over their limits of up and coming.

A: Reach Out To Me (Fred Numf vs. Etienne Overdijk remix)
B: Reach Out To Me (Original)

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Mike Hiratzka - Reach Out To Me


Perpetual Tunes


PT 2007


July 21 2004


August 23, 2004 at 12:25 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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