Ebon vs Evan Marcus - The E2 EP

CP Recordings is another prestigious label which based from its very beginnings on the progressive house and tech-house style, and the 12" Ebon/Evan Marcus is yet another very good material. We must notice the fact that the track "Sleepless2" was featured on Zabiela's "Sound In Motion" compilation, the release being produced by Justin Lake Whedon with the vocals of Melinda Anne Whedon.

Therefore, the A side brings the track "Sleepless2", produced by Ebon, a very elevated tech-house, with progressive and tribal influences. The track starts with a basic kick, annexing afterwards a few tribals and a very rough and ambiguous bass line which leads the track to a simple and very bizarre nreak down, where it can be discovered Melinda's vocals. Short after the half of the track, the sounds are changing, acquiring color and a bizarre and grisly melody, with a continuous and profound bass line. Some new sounds are annexed to the end, creating a powerful exotic atmosphere, of anstract and imaginary space, where the sounds are essential. The track ends up with the same basic kick and the expressive vocals of Melinda.

In what regards the B side track, "Fallen", produced by Evan Marcus, the things are a little bit different. The somber bass line which starts from the beginning follows us on the entire track, adding afterwards a few tribals and some other elements to confer some taste to the track. Very somber and dark, the track builds up an abstract and profound universe, where the pains are metamorphosing, becoming amorphous. Extremely dubious and somber, Marcus' material inscribes in the series of mature and dark progressive, very indicated also in club.

With this release, Cp Recordings adds up another material on the list of progressive tracks and we must admit that this is not just a material to neglect.

A: Ebon - Sleepless2 (Original Tribal Mix)
B: Evan Marcus - Fallen (Original Grounded Mix)

Ebon vs Evan Marcus - The E2 EP


CP Recordings


CPR 005


June 21 2004


August 23, 2004 at 12:17 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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