Halogen vs Nash T - On A Bridge (remixes)

Two remixes of the track "On A Bridge" produced by the project Halogen vs Nash T were launched on the CP Recordings label, based on the original song by Halogen remixed by Nash Trajkovski, featuring the vocals of Jasmine Yee. Absolutely amazing, the track had a full success with the whole versions, this vinyl enveloping two remixes from Michael Burns (Blue Haze) and Jeff Belfi & Shane Ehlers (Blueroom Project).

The C side comes with Michael Burns' remix, "Blue Haze Daydream", a wonderful trip in a spatial universe of music, of extremely delicate and dainty melodic lines. It is that kind of melodic and profound progressive house, which makes the listener to fall in love and to become melancholic, inducing him a mood of dreaminess. The break down really succeeds in making the atmosphere peaceful and exciting, palpating the time. Soon after this extraordinary break down, we discover also the astonishing vocals of Jasmine Yee, which impressed me very much. You do not need too much artificial intelligence, too much knowledge for loving music. All you need is sensitivity – I prefer from far a sensible imbecile to music, rather than an insensible which I meet every day.

In the same order, the D side of the project Halogen vs Nash T has another remix, coming from Blueroom Project. As much profound and melodic as the previous remix, the track installs a breaks rhythm which swamps my heart with gladness. Maybe I exaggerate, but this is what I feel – especially when I listen this kind of music in clubs, at a high decibel level. Back to the track, Blueroom Project introduces a different part of the soloist's vocals, much atmospheric and with no words. A big writer said that music is the place of refuge of the souls wounded by the happiness. Absolutely true, because we find our intimate soul in music, we remake our identity. But let's get back – the component synths of the track are fascinating and give an emotional melodic line, and alongside the bass line and the whole rhythm, the track leads our soul to a land of happiness.

Another worthy disc coming from two projects which don't play games in their job, but they really compose music. Music on a different level, music of future.

Halogen vs Nash T - On A Bridge (remixes)


CP Recordings


CPR 004R


April 2004


August 23, 2004 at 12:10 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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