Benz & Md vs. Ebrius - Sound 84

The collaboration between Greg Benz & Marco Di Carlo gave a lot of good results, finishing in high quality materials such as "Snowblind", "Oneric", "The Difference", "Trama" or "Dead Calm". The alliance with Ebrius was launched on Aurium Recordings and was named "Sound 84", with an additional remix from the Turkish producer Subsky.

On the A side, the disc opens the original mix, very smooth and hypnotic, with a surplus of elements which compose a relaxing and calm track, which produces pleasure to the soul. After a bass line which palpitates alongside a sensational kick, a wonderful breakdown which shines by unreal and complicated sounds, delicious and almost palpable...Yes, it is like a synasthesia, because you feel like you can touch the sounds, like "they" have their own and proper shape, which penetrates you through all the pits. The bass line goes on the entire length of the track, and I have to admit that it is very warm and sweet, peaceful and inspiring just melancholic moods, making the listener to touch the ecstasy.

Much tough than the original version, Subsky's remix begins with a minimal breaks pretty hard to remark, loosing soon after in an alerted kick of progressive, which awakes the listener from the mood of dreaminess installed by the previous track. Slowly, the sounds spark off, following almost the same melodic line from the Original Mix and gradually building an atmosphere extremely refreshing. Soon the breakdown appears too and accentuates the mood of beatitude and dizziness. A few high synths are detaching from the cadre, like they would like to go out and to express some new senses. Very inspiring, the remix from Subsky easily brave it out to the original track, the producer understanding very well the message of the track and succeeding to adapt it and to amplify it on his proper style.

As all the things have a value, bigger or smaller, we can say something like that about this record too – but every listener perceives in his own way the music, so the value would be relative in this case.

Benz & Md vs. Ebrius - Sound 84


Aurium Recordings


AUR 002


May 2004


August 23, 2004 at 11:45 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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