Christian Cambas - Coded Love

Christian Cambas is born in Athens, Greece and he is a dj and producer with a lot of potential who slowly has gained the sympathy of his listeners, playing alongside djs such as John Digweed, Carl Cox, Nick Warren, Seb Fontaine etc. Also, his productions are supported by Digweed, Sasha, Phil Thompson and Chris Fortier, just to name some of them. I supose you still remember his track released last year on Bedrock Breaks, "It Scares Me". Then it was "Obsession" on Heavy Rotation, this summer, and now I can tell you he will be out with a new material on Intrinsic Records, planned to be released on October. "Coded Love" appears with an original production from Cambas and a tech-house edit from Nathan Coles.

The first side brings the original mix completed by Cambas, "Coded Love", and a wonderful return to the purity of the melody and to the roots. Really warm and relaxing, the melody gradually grows and knocks under a masculine vocal which imprints good taste and quality to the track. After the things came into service, the bass line contours its aspect but then the break down pervades with a superb vocal, which continues with the kick too. However simple, the track forms a beautiful space, wakes up unique and powerful sensations, making the listener to enjoy a delicate and fresh sound, which cheers up and elevates the spiritual level. Things are ending with no rush, in a peaceful way, giving satisfaction to the listener.

If the A side was soft, smooth and melodic, the remix coming from the tech-house producer Nathan Coles is much tough, sober, changing the atmosphere and the mood, abstracting the sounds. Almost totally changed by the original track, the remix imposes with the aggressive and primitive bass line, making the track to sound as a tribal tech-house. With some constant sounds, a few tribals, synths, a cold bass line, Coles' remix keeps less melody from the original, in favour of a simple rhythm, perfect for club. But, as you already know that, the simple things are not that simple.

Check out this material, because intervenes with some additional stuff; It is amazing how can be discovered new melodic lines, new synths, innovating in music. Changes, reworks, new effects, new interferences, and every track sounds different than the last one, contributes with something new in the dance music industry. Who dares to say that human is not inventive?

A: Original Mix
B: Nathan Coles remix

Christian Cambas - Coded Love


Intrinsic Records




October 11 2004


August 16, 2004 at 7:01 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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