Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. - Eyes & Lost

Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. is a very daring and constructive project receiving much support lately from great international djs such as Satoshi Tomiie, Carl Cox, John Didweed, David Morales, Steve Lawler, Danny Howells, G-Pal and others. The Italian duo has just finished a new material which will be released in October on G-Pal's label Swift Records.

"Eyes (Full Dub Mix)" contains an inorganic bass line, contouring an imaginary space of the abstract, where anything is possible and where the sound is in charge. The elements which compose the track are not so many, a few relaxing synths by a concise profundity, a few bizarre sounds, and a very beautiful, even impressive melodic line. The riffs are concentrated, they become screams of the soul and of the existence, they are like a few eyes which will fallow everywhere and all the time the human being. Which is actually true, in fact; what are we going to do without a world of sounds, a world which I perceive as being distinct, as a special place, privileged, where have access only those whom are initiated. Back to the release, the track is a well done progressive house, unedited, the melody being meditative; the eyes can be a symbol of solitude, of isolation, of returning back in time, in prehistory. The melodic line is sad, melancholic, maybe even apathetic, trying to explain the ineffable. The break down and what comes after it seems to me the most important parts of a track; if a producer succeeded in exposing it well, he can say he has a successful track. In this case, I've been really impressed by the quality and expressivity of the two parts.

"Eyes (Full Vocal Mix) is the same track, only that appears a feminine vocal, which improves for sure the quality of the tune. We can find here some more vital force, some much precision. But however, it could be worked some more at the soloist's voice, I mean at the presence of the voice on the track. Anyway, the break down is incredible, unique, which makes the entire track a success.

The second disc that we have in attention contains two versions of the track "Lost", Dub Mix and Vocal Mix. I noticed that the two guys already polished up a proper style, since all their productions have something unique, something that you can't find on other tracks; a preference for some synths, some tribals which hypnotized, somber bass lines by a low tonality.

"Lost dub mix" makes the opening of a new progressive session, and after it powerfully starts with a very dynamic kick, the track builds the bass line and it's chilling, the sounds being added in series. It can be discerned at a given moment a very nice feminine vocal, but with a lack of presence than the other version. The song is simple, the elements alternating and confronting the break down, after which re-begins the rhythm, exemplary progressive. A few synths the same abstracts as on the "Eyes" have an effect of mesmerism, creating a distorted universe, somber and simple.

Very well in its essence, "Lost vocal mix appears with a new kick, however separating itself from the previous version. The tribals curl up and are much dense, combining themselves with a feminine vocal and composing therefore a wonderful track, maybe the best from the whole material. The somber bass line builds up a quality tune, which will surely be a success in public's opinion. After the half of the track are introduced some new synths, which accelerates the rhythm, or at least this is what seems, and for some moments even taking the control. Somewhere at the end, the things calm down, the sounds taking a normal groove, for the leading out of scene. What is interesting is that the melody misses from this track, in contradistinction to Dub Mix, looks like it's all in the rhythm.

Music makes the individual time to become equivalent with the universal time, the human becoming everlasting through art, idea which actually was found by great thoughtful persons of the world. This material "Eyes/Lost" seems to be a much perfectible one, and for those whom like to listen to some new innovations from Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E., stay closer, because you won't wait too long.

Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. - Eyes & Lost


Swift Records




October 2004


August 16, 2004 at 6:43 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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