Nikola Gala - Blue Impulse & Subterra

Established in 1999, Intrinsic Records is a label based on UK specialising on progressive house releases. September brings a new release under the Intrinsic brand, a fresh producer of electronic progressive, Nikola Gala. The Greek producer made himself noticed with the excellent "Swing 2 harmony", released on DK Records, also with a remix from Matthew Dekay. The new records "Blue Impulse/Subterra" contains two original productions from the artist himself, with dj support from John Digweed, Phil Thompson, Hernan Cattaneo, Flash Brothers, DJ 19, Stian Klo, Steve Parry, Markus Schulz, Norman-H, Derek Taylor and D-Fuse.

"Blue Impulse" is the A1 track, perfect for the hot summer nights, when you feel that all is vibrating around you. Energetic, dynamic, driving, in a word – superb. Many tents of atmospheric trance, a lot of melodic load, and especially, much effort to compose a melodic line out of the ordinary. After an entrance into the hypnotic universe of sounds, we go for the fabulous breakdown, which unloads all it has best in itself and makes everything to bloom. The melody is very optimistic, you already see the people on the street with different eyes, you start to smile to strangers, you feel that your life has just reborn and is not that monotone and paltry as you thought. And all these, just because you enjoyed in your intimacy a unique and special sound. After a warm rain of sounds, we blow off steam with the end, which closes the first part of a special material.

The B side comes with another track full of mystery, an atmospheric progressive, hallucinatory and dizzy. "Subterra" chooses to be a profound, mysterious track, sombre, with a complicated but as much expressive and deep as the previous melody. It can be discovered on this part a new and different sound, new riffs, but off course there is an impressive skill hided at the back of these. Nikola Gala's music is not depressive, but I do not perceive this track as the other one; this wakes me different sensations, makes me feel different. The high synths built up on a heavy and sombre bass line, and also adding up some fascinating and stunning strings on the break down – all these go to a special melody, taking this track to that kind of songs where it's difficult to set a representative style.

After "Swing 2 Harmony", the new material seems to attract a lot of listeners, Nikola Gala being anticipated as a producer of value, who has an entire future opened into the musical domain. And this new release "Blue Impulse/Subterra" really shows this fact. Not words, but facts – we do not speak, this is what his productions show!

Nikola Gala - Blue Impulse & Subterra


Intrinsic Records




September 13 2004


August 16, 2004 at 6:36 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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