Snake Sedrick & Andro - Liquid State & Solid State

August sees a new progressive material released on Screen Recordings, under the signature of two young progressive and breaks producers, Snake Sedrick and Andro. About the first one I can tell you he hails from Budapest, Hungary, on his real name Zoltan Hedrick, born in 1980, and now living in Adand. After getting contact with Mo Shic at a party on Pacha Bar, Zoltan was asked to make a track for Mo Shic's Dj Mag compilation, which also happened. And so, the March of 2003 saw the compilation cd and also Snake Sedrick's first track officially on the market. Andro (Gabor Baki) is another talented young guy who amazed and got himself noticed with his productions. Working with labels such as Screen Records (Italy), Cyber Records (Holland), Nascent Records (UK), Gravitation Records (UK) etc, and also enjoying support from great djs like Sasha, John Digweed, Satoshi Tomiie, Hector Romero, Anthony Pappa, Andro gained some experience and the future wants him to really impress with his music, which we hope, will catch up the global standards. The new EP "Liquid State/Solid State" appears on the Italian label and it envisages a success, which we also wish to the two Hungarians.

On the A1 side is the track "Liquid State", written by Andro, a progressive track with a very sweet and peaceful bass line. Even from its beginning, the track gave me a mood of relax, since it has a deep and sympathetic melody, which calms you, imposing a slowly rhythm to your life, for at least a few minutes. The synths flow in sequence, and at the break down, they really succeed to impress, composing an emotional melody. The dizzy bass line overwhelms you, the strings makes you vibrate, makes you sleep and enter in a world of dreams, under the hypnotic effect of the melody. The melodic line is interminably repeating, becoming obsessive at a given moment; the track is anyway simple, it does innovate only by the melody, a melody which suggests a state of melancholy, of easy sadness, of meditation. A liquid state. The track is very good also for the club, for an warm up, al like as home.

The other part, B1, brings "Solid State", a track which as the title suggests too, is somehow much dynamic, much solid. The melodic line is kept with the same instruments, only the bass line and a part of the rhythm getting changed. Although it seems much dynamical, "Solid State" is monotone, the elements being repeated on the entire length of the tune. I could say that this kind of music is a treatment against the stress, against the daily works which bray our nerves and bodies. Back to the release, the bass line is somehow much somber here, much dark, and even the entire track as a whole gives an air of sadness, an easy pessimism. At the end, we discover again the break down which closes a new melodic and harmonic progressive material.

The two tracks are indeed great, they take us with the head in the clouds but with the foot on the ground, and they caught the attention of some good djs like Hernan Cattaneo, G-Pal, Anthony Pappa, Chus etc.

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Snake Sedrick & Andro - Liquid State & Solid State


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August 6, 2004


August 16, 2004 at 5:15 PM CEST


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