Stereonova - Circus EP 2

The second disc comes with two original productions, much fluky this time, and somehow much mild. We remark therefore the proper sound of Stereonova, the guys succeeding in creating by their music some sounds hard to understand, hard to impregnate, and especially, hard to explain.

"Tron Fill" is maybe the best track of the entire EP, a terrific progressive, very dense in tribals and containing a vocal which gives me little horrors. Very simple and dark, the bass line appears on the entire length of the track, being seldom eliminated for a short break down. The vocal which still repeats hypnotizes, complicating the rhythm and conferring a much somber and darkly aspect to the track. As less in melody as the previous tracks, "Tron Fill" brings out an inaccessible space, contributing at the abstraction, and gives a sense to the nonsense. Much respect for this track, and also for the whole release, this is that kind of material which shows that not all the things which look simple really are.

We finally arrived at the fourth track of this 2x12", "Circus". Much gentle and some much harmonic, the track comes with some new tribals and a bass line pleasant to the hearing, less brutal but same abstract as the last tunes. The synths discreetly build up a special melodic line, which enter the listener's mind, offering him new experiences. With lot of dynamism and energy, the track is perfect for a night club, having that power of keeping connected the crowd during its playing.

The progressive and break beat Italian producers enchanted us therefore with their new great release, massive new tracks, and this gives them a lot of respect in the electronic music scene. Another journey into the abstract world of sounds, of unconformable melody, of sound before all.

A1: Tron Fill
B1: Circus

Stereonova - Circus EP 2


Plastic Fantastic


PFT 049R


March 13, 2004


August 16, 2004 at 4:11 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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